Child abuse: Is this me?

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    From the time i was really young to sixth grade ('m in 8th) I have felt my mom has mistreated me. She strted using a wooden or plastic spoon when i was about 5. She hit me with it. I know thats normal for dicipline, but her's was different. It always seemed to be out of rage, not love, and for no reason. It happened alot, and usually they were multiple hard hits. (10-70+) If i resisted she would sit on me, or twist my legs so i couldn't move, and sometimes breathe. It didn't stop there. In third grade my mother draggged me to the car by my hair twice. If i was speaking out, she might cover my mouth and nose so i couldn' breathe. She wouldn't let go untill she knew i was faint. Even though that was rare, it did happen. Sometimes she would yell at me. Not just
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    'GO TO YOUR ROOM!' But calling me a liar over and over and over, screaming it. And afterwards would imply that i was a liar to insult me. Or embarass me. Most recently she would call me a bitch, slut, demon, evil or imply that i am worthless.'You don't clean, you don't help me, you don't do anything' Again, to insult me. She tells me she doesn't want me, and tells me i'm going to boot camp or a nut house or a boarding school. She just ignores me when I need something and is non-negotiable.
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    Yes, Diamondtears, you were a victim of child abuse. More than just a few swats (8-15) on the bottom as a direct result of an infraction of rule (or really thoughless or harmful act) is enough reason to bring this to the attention of a teacher or trusted adult.

    If this happened more than once, it would be enough for Children's Protective Services to investigate (and I'm not
    someone who is usually supportive of this agency since it often abuses it's own authority).

    I'm a 48 year old woman with grown children. I realize there were times I was abusive to my own 2 sons and I am ashamed of how I treated them at times. Fortunately, I now understand the difference between discipline and abuse. There are clear boundaries in discipline, while abuse is a monster run amock with a kind of twisted logic.

    You probably have an ingrained fear of your mom, even now. And this anger will be with you for the rest of your days, visiting upon your own children in spite of yourself. When you are old enough to go to counseling on your own, I strongly urge you to do so. You need to be built into a healthy-thinking and emotionally balanced adult, or this cycle will be repeated with your children and/or you'll have problems with wife abuse. It will be a lifetime of work, but promise yourself that you will take care of this issue as soon as you can.