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    Hello all..........
    Just passing on my little bit of pain relief........Seeing a special chiropractor((upper cervical))...NO cracking of bones or anything has helped me be 40% pain free...I then just started MSM protocol and believe me........I am can honestly say, I now feel at least 85% pain free!! Now I also put on ointment at night....."024 Fibromyalgia".....and of course a sleeping pill....ALL of these things "together" have made my life worth living again!!
    I am a 47 yr. old who was diagnosed in the year 2000 after I had a severe fall....Has anyone else had success with MSM besides chocalate?? Is diarreah
    normal? I've only been on for 1 week and I only take half a teasp. twice a day.
    Just curious. I love this board. It is sooo informative. Thanx for listening!!
    Pam (maxsy)
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    I have taken MSM for years for respiratory allergies. When I had the powder, I would put a 'pinch' into my morning juice. I now have 1000 Mg tablets. I have a 'touchy' stomach and have never had any trouble with it.

    At one time I treated a pony with it. When it didn't work at the regular dose, her veterinarian doubled, then quadrupled, the dose. She did not develop diarrhea.

    Might the chiropractic treatment released toxins that had been trapped in tight muscles? That could cause diarrhea. If it doesn’t clear in a day or two, I think you should see a doctor. Meanwhile, drink plenty of liquid.