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    I was curious does anyone go to a chiropracter? I went for a consult and xray. a couple fixed discs in my neck and in the lumbar area. He also confirmed meralgia paresthetica which is the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is pinched. excrutiating pain. and if you have not read any of my posts i was dx with fibro end of april. anyways i went for my second adjusment today and it hurt so bad i dont know if i can go back. I was also wondering does anyone use a tens unit? how about ultrasound? thanks in advance if any one can give me advice.

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    In the summer I had to resort to seeing a chiropractor....kicking and screaming all the way.

    He was up front with me, after taking the xrays. He said I had severe osteoarthritis in neck and shoulders and moderate in low back, but he thought he could help me with the FM.
    Before every treatment (l2 in all) I got the tens machine. Sometimes it was good and at other times I ended up in pain after his very gentle manipulation. After l2 times I decided he was actually making the FM worse so I quit after the initial adjustment which seemed to help me. I started using moist heat on my back and after about 3 days I was much improved. I have to add that I stopped lifting things, stopped vacuuming for at least 2 months, and gave my back time to heal.

    I still have the FM but am able to keep it under control.
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    I have had an inital consult and a couple of treatments. I chose not to continue, he wanted me to sign a contract for 39 sessions. That made me leary, plus I didn't like the neck jerking thing, it was painful to me. It did make my back feel better though.

    I do have a tens unit, and it does help. Sometimes it helps better than others, maybe it depends on my pain level. It seems to help my back better than my neck. I don't like the sensation in my neck. If I turn it up enough to feel it, my neck muscles contract too hard. You have to have a prescription for a tens unit. I think you can rent them to try them out before purchasing. At least my provider said you could. My insurance approved a purchase for chronic pain relief management.

    I like to put the electrodes on my back and lie on the heating pad. It takes 40 minutes to do a complete session.
    20 minuetes at one setting and then change the setting for another 20 minuets. They said not to use it continually. To wait 40 minuetes between sessions or it could get to where it is not effective. But you can go from lower back to shoulders without waiting.

    I always have more than one place that hurts I just pick the one that hurts the most.

    The only down side is I have to have someone place the electrodes for me. My insurance pays for all the supplies: electrodes, lead wires (those have to be relaced periodically) and batteries.

    I have had ultrasound in physical therapy and I did like that. AFter the initial gel that feels like ice (!) the heat feels good and it relaxes my muscles.

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    I have seen chiropractors since I was 16 (that's over 20 years) and I would say that it all depends upon the chiropractor. Some are AWESOME...some aren't worth a plugged nickel. Unfortunately, you have to find out by trial and error which is which. Even referrals aren't 100% foolproof, although they're better than nothing.

    I'm with you on avoiding signing a contract. I wouldn't do that either. And avoid the ones who claim they can cure the common cold. They're quacks. Stick with docs who seem reasonable and well-grounded, make you feel comfortable...and then actually deliver good results.
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    but it really didn't help me. I tried it for a year, so I think that was a long enough time to see if there was any improvement.

    One thing about chiropractors for those of us with FMS-you need to go to someone who is knowledeable about FMS. We need to have the gentle manipulations-the kind that they use a small instrument to do (don't know the name of the instrument). The manual manipulations (like on the neck) are just too rough on us and can end up causing us more pain like another person who answered this post said.