Chiropracter treating FMS/CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Anyone heard of this before.He does adjustments,rids your body of toxins and starts you on a 3 month all natural treatment.Even says he can help depression go away.I am always leary of that claim.Several years ago when I was real big into church(I am always big on God, there is a difference)a woman layed hands on me and annoited me with oil and then said I could stop taking my antidepressant.Well not too long after that I tried to hurt myself and ended up in hospital.So, as you can see I am very cautious of those kind of claims.Since I am new to fibro. just wonder if any of you have heard of this?The testimonies he sent me were from ladies that said that there pain went from 8-10 range to a 3.Sounds to good to be it?My RD does have me on certain vitamins as well as perscription drugs.
    So, help out this very green fibro gal.I don't want to end up hurting myself and being in the worse flare ever.BTW,I really like my RD.She is really helpful and tries to help me as much as she can.I just saw this ad on tv and thought I would look into it.
    Thanks everyone,Sheila
  2. jbennett2

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    I love my chiropractor. She starts by laying a heating pad on my sore areas before she does anything to warm up the muscles. She does upper cervical adjustments, uses the "snap" hip table, because one of my hips is always out of adjustment, she uses a stimulator, and to end with an electronic thingy. She also advised me on what supplements to take, and does not believe in taking too many different things. I did not buy them from her.

    However, following the advice of many on this board, I had been taking tons of supplements - until my LLMD took me off them. The most helpful for pain were magnesium, malic accid and glucosomine (don't need the chondroitin part.) CoQ10 helps greatly with fatigue. I also took Vitamin C, E, B complex...The only one my LLMD allowed me to keep is the calcium with D. He says the other stuff "feeds the lyme" I have FM and lyme.
  3. Adl123

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    Dear Sheila,
    It is good to be wary of any new protocol. Let me tell you about my Chiro.
    I went because I pulled something out of place. Now I go for treatmets about once a week. I have found that I sleep better, have less pain, breathe better and walk better. My body seems lighter and I seem to move better.
    In my Chiro's office there is a big chart showing which bodily function each part of the spine affects. Well, I really think it is true. Maybe it is like what the Chinese call Chi. When the Chi is able to flow properly, the body is better.
    Contiinued good luck.
    I take a lot of supplemets, which were prescribed by the doctor who diagnosed me in 1993. My Chiro offers some vitamins and creams in his office, but has not suggested any to me. He know what I take already, as I gave him a list on my first visit. T.[This Message was Edited on 09/30/2005]
  4. Sheila1366

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    So who treats your fibro?Chiro. or RD ?This chiro. that says he specializes in fibro. wants you to take lots of supplements,no medication.Do the supplements help that much as far as pain which is my biggest problem.This dr. also says he can cure depression.I'm not sure about that.
    Thanks for the help,
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  5. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    You haven't upset me.I am glad that it has helped people.I am honestly afraid of the pain that may come with seeing a chiropracter.I have seen people's heads jerked,backs just looks painful but I hear it feels good.I am a scardey cat.
    PS.when is the baby due?
  6. gottagetbetter

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    My chiro has helped me down my path of 60% improvement.
    I have Chronic lyme, babesia, ehrlichia, bartonella, & brucollis. But you do have to believe in whatever treatment you are receiving!!

    Take some time to do some soul searching and decide which path you should go.
  7. JLH

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    If you have insurance to cover your chiro treatments, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. But, if you don't have any ins. to cover it, you will have to pay for the first treatment around $125 - $175 becasue he will probably take x-rays and do a "thorough" exam.

    I have never heard of a chiro going into "all natural treatment plans", dealing in supplements, etc. Our area's chiro's must be behind the times! LOL

    I agree that I would NOT STOP taking my antidepressants!! NEVER! They benefit most people in chronic pain. BTW, have you tried Cymbalta? It's a great A-D that also helps the fibro pain.

    I really think you would benefit more from a gym than a chiro! Exercise does help fibro, even if it hurts at first. Walking, stretching, and swimming help. I love to do the arthritis warm water aerobic classes!

    I would pick a chiro by recommendation of someone who has gone to him/her though--just to make sure he isn't a quack.
  8. Adl123

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    I read the post right after mine ,so I guess the questions were asked of me.

    Actually, since my diagnosing Dr. died, no one is treating my fibro. I'm just doing what I have always done. I can't get any Dr. up here where I live to address either my Fibro, CFIDS. I'm lucky in that Fibro is not my worst problem, CFIDS is. When my pain gets unbearable, my family physician prescribes a pain killer. I've been looking for a Dr. for 5 years. I think I moved to the wrong place! LOL.

    I agree that a referral can be the best way to go.

    Good luck,
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I had to finally go to a chiropractor a couple of months ago. I had my back severely out of place. We talked about FM. He said that if anyone tells you they can cure it for you, run. It can't be done. This comes from a chiropractor's mouth.

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