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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Marjidoll, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Marjidoll

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    Ok, my New Year's resolution was that I was NOT going to spend any more money on trying to feel better.

    Then I saw a little ad in the newspaper from a local chiropractor who claims to have great success with fibro cases.

    I called the number and received a generic information kit. It basically talked about how fibro begins in the central nervous system. I do understand that chiropractors think every illness pretty much stems from our spines.

    I made an appointment. On the first visit, they did a history, took X rays, a range of motion test and did the double scale thing. They had me read several brochures and read a paragraph here and there back to them to make sure I understood it (?)

    I have used chiropractors in the past for soft tissue injuries and my carpal tunnel, but nobody ever did X-rays.

    My next visit was yesterday where they had me read more brochures, look at X-rays of spines in various degree of sublixation and then we looked at mine. Not bad all things considered, my neck has lost some of its curve and my right hip and shoulder is higher, but no bad discs or anything like that.

    She then went over the "treatment plan." Three visits per week for 3 months, then two, then one, then maintenance.

    Since my insurance only covers 20 visits per year, they would be used up in two months of 3 days per week.

    Then comes the additional visits at $55 each. It added up to over $2,000.00! She had broken down a discount for pre-paid with cash, a handy financing plan with no interest for $175.00 per month, or 3 debits from my bank or credit card.

    I told her none of these arrangements was good for me, I am on disability, have a son in college, etc. and would only use what my insurance would cover.

    I then asked if I could just come in once per week and stretch out the visits that way and she said absolutely not. The treatment needs to be very intense at first.

    Then she adjusted me.. did the big massage machine over my back, worked on some trigger points with a little clicker and did all of the adjustments with one of those tables that drop in different places. Took about 5 minutes. Nothing different than any other chiropractor has ever done for me who do not claim to specialize in fibromyalgia.
    I might add that she also has an add in the newspaper for back pain, same basic premise.

    She called me after I got home to see how I was feeling, which at the time was a lot of pain. My headache was not better, although I did start to loosen up a bit over the course of the evening and feel better.

    Sorry this is so long, but part of me feels like this is a racket and I am being snookered. I will not pay for or use any more visits than my insurance will allow. I don't want to use them all up by July and have none for the rest of the year if I need them.

    Please tell me if any of you have really been helped with fibro, migraines or TMJ with intense chiropractic care.

  2. MssDarla

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    I had my first app yesterday.

    He recommended 2 times a week for 4 weeks.

    I too can go for 20 visits @ $10. a visit.

    He said by then I could come once a month or so. If that would be easier.

    who knows at this point if it will help but frankly for 10 bucks I will try for now.

    I also need more medical records for my SS case.

    I have a lot of pain in my neck so if it only help there I am happy.

    We'll see

    Good luck to you
  3. Marta608

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    Yes! My chiropractor is immensely helpful for my pain and for the record, no good chiro should touch you without x-rays.

    I do understand your concern about the financial angle and she's offering no guarantees, right? But while there are bad apples in all services, I think the right chiro can make a world of difference in how we feel. The fact that you have one hip and shoulder higher than the other could account for some of your pain. Although you've probably always had it, as we age, we have more difficulty with misalignments.

    My chiro doesn't set visits. He says his patients know when they need him. But that doesn't mean that a regimen of such care wouldn't be helpful to you. I guess you'll have to be guided by your budget but think about it. See how you feel in a day or two. I'm also impressed that she called to see how you were.

  4. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    For the replies. I've spent so much money and tried so many things over the years that did little or nothing to help. still in pain all of the time.

    Today I am hurting all over pretty badly, so I guess my adjustment did something, not sure of it's a positive or negative thing yet.
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    for my back, not for FM or CFS. W/o getting my back cracked regularly I can't walk.

    An orthopedist is useless. All those guys do is give you pain pills and take x rays.

    One of my chiros told me you should not have chiro treatment more frequently than twice a week. More than that doesn't do any good.

    I would not sign up for any plan. You might try the regiment and see how it goes. Then you can drop out any time. Sounds like this gal won't go for such a plan. Sounds to me like she is more interested in finance than treatment for her patients.

  6. itzmede

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    Keep looking for a GOOD chiropractor. Mine gives me a treatment plan he'd like for me to follow, but leaves the decision up to me. He understand the time and money constraints some people face. I can usually maintain by going monthly or so. My hips will not stay aligned and makes one leg very painful to walk and I get the sciatica pain if I don't go on a regular basis. Good luck......
  7. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    When I suggested coming once a week in order to stretch out my insurance coverage she said "absolutely not!"

    I had already gone to see her after receiving her literature in the mail. A couple of days later, I got another one that said "second notice."

    After my adjustment, I got another letter in the mail describing what a "good patient" does, not miss appointments, etc.. And two coupons for 20% off if I refer other people. I really believe now she is in it for the bucks. She advertises like she has something special to offer fibro patients and it's nothing more than an adjustment that any chiropractor can do.

    After my adjustment, which was on Wed, I am still in a lot of extra pain, and its Saturday. Not a good sign. I will call her on Monday, and tell her no thanks but I will come and get my X-rays. Perhaps a more reliable doctor can evaluate me with them.. Live and learn!
  8. angellwolffe

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    not all chiros are bad. Ours was great! we just can't afford him. At first the insurance covered him completely. now they don't recognize chiropractic care at all. back then we both went two days a week for a few months. then it spread out. i think mine was once every six weeks and hubby's was once a month. now its whenever needed. hubby hasn't been there for two months, six before that and i haven't been to him for almost two years. he did well for realigning my spine but nothing for my fibro pains. now we just go when needed and it comes out of pocket so it had better really be needed. Angel