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    Has anyone here had pain all over their body, suspecting spinal damage although receiving negative results in xrays, then go to chiropractic and have that pain relieved?

    If you have please describe the pain and how long it took for relief to come.
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    I can't say that I had pain all over, but several years ago when I was working as an ICU nurse, I started having really bad headaches if I was on my feet for a long time. Needless to say, my job kept me standing for hours at a time. I tried OTC pain relievers, but they kept getting worse. A friend suggested a chiropractor, but I thought chiros were quacks! LOL!

    Anyways, the headaches got so bad, I decided to give it a try. At the first appointment, Dr. "B" took x-rays and showed me how the curve of my neck was all out of whack. Very little curvature like a normal x-ray would show. We went back in my history a bit and he thought the problem developed slowly as a result of a rear-end car collision I had been in before.

    He told me he thought he could help me with chiropractic adjustments. When I first laid back on the table and he cracked the left side of my neck, I thought he had broken something! LOL I was like... Oh my God, What did he do??? :p Then he cracked the other side and when I sat back up, my headache was completely gone. :)

    Now I go every 6 weeks or so along with hubby and son to get our spines aligned. My husband loves it so much he says he's a "crack junkie". :)

    Good luck! And let us know how your visit went. And like doctors, there are good chiros and bad ones. Keep at it until you find a good one that you feel comfortable with :)

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    and by the way i agree with you on that last paragraph :)

    Cherryl, didn't go to a chiro yet.. well a holistic chiro but he mainly seems to focus on my diet and not the cracking.

    That's why I brought up the question, because I read the post by "being-healed" a while ago about the sacroilliac joint, which is by the tailbone. I also found a site talking about how it eventually can effect your whole spine, and that in turn can probably lead to pain all over your body and tons of symptoms. I test negative for everything in blood, so that's why I'm curious and confused. Was going to try to find a really good chiro and see what he/she has to say about my bod!

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    about chiropractic care. Years ago I hurt my back doing something or other in the back yard. It was Christmastime and needless to say I did not have a very merry holiday. The pain persisted despite doctor visits and prescribed pain killers. Eventually my foot became numb and I could not feel several of my toes. The doctor I was seeing said it was nerve root damage and I would probably never feel my toes again. I went on like this six months, until summer time when I could no longer stand the pain and numbness. The woman I was working for at the time had been telling me about her wonderful chiropractor but I was afraid to go, finally screwed up my courage and made the appointment. This wonderful man fixed me, took away my back pain, and brought back the feeling in my toes. It did not happen overnight and took many sessions, but I did feel better. I wish I could still go but sadly I cannot afford it now. My insurance does not cover chiro. If you have the budget to afford it, by all means go. It is worth it.

    Best of luck,