chiropractic... is the awnser!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by healthywannabe, May 28, 2003.

  1. healthywannabe

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    Hello, I have been doing research and have gone to a chiropracter myself and i feel it's the way to go. he explained that when the are any problems with your back, it weakens your immune system and other organs , wich he thinks contributes and makes cfs, if you get your back alighned you could possibly feel better. so, I have only gone to him once, but i have high hopes and have 12 more visits to go. i will tell you all the results. But be warned, if you go to a chiropracter and they just start adjusting your back without doing x-rays or any kind of tests to see how your back is, they are not the right one for you. peace...Zoe
  2. tandy

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    Please keep us posted...i'm interested in the outcome.I've considered this before but shrugged it off!!expensive and my insurance won't cover it.But if it works,I'd sell my bed to feel better!!hell, I hardly sleep in it anyway!! lol
  3. LadyMT

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    to a chiropractor and did feel alot better. It didn't make everything go away, but I am sure I feel better now than I did before.

    I think you can also shop around for chiro's. A friend of mine told me her's charges $75. Mine was just $29, I thought she was wonderful and insurance covers it.

  4. klutzo

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    Chiro's are very good for some things, but one reason they have been regarded as quacks in the past, is that many of them insist they can fix anything and everything with chiro. Not true. At least yours wants x-rays...very important, because if you have bone spurs you should NEVER get adjustments by a Chiro.
    When I first got Fibro I had a few adjustments, and while I felt better that same day, I would wake up the next day and be unable to move and in so much pain I would cry non-stop. Finally, I stopped torturing myself.
    I am glad it works for you and I hope it continues to. I am rooting for you.
  5. skychomper

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    sometimes I think the chiro is the only one that truly helps me. on some adjustments I can feel the blood going back to my brain and I feel more alert immediately. i am always standing up straighter after adjustments. I really believe going to the chiro was what helped me get out of the cfs mess the first time. I think it just helps the body heal.
    good luck, I hope your experience will be as good as mine
    :) skychomper
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    been going to a chiro who does the nucca method. Dos NOT crack your back or neck. NOTHING like traditional chiro's do. It is all in our atlas bone in our neck. If its out we are out. Our whole system. Its all in the brain stem. I feel so much better. They also take insurance and he also did x-rays, before he touched me. Do search on NUCCA. Interesting. Good luck!!
  7. starstella

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    My chiropractor is an important member of my health care team. When I had my first visit, I couldn't believe how much more clearly I was thinking. The adjustments should not be so vigorous that you are in pain the next day. Before my treatments began I had an x-ray, and a conference with the chiro to reveiw my health history and the findings of the x-ray. The chiropractor I see also has massage therapists available in her office, which is great for my myofacial pain problems.
  8. pam_d

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    ....never helped me with my most bothersome fibro symptoms, and I did it on & off for several years, so I did give it time. However, it did help me in other ways, as I have some other back issues. AND, my chiropractor was my most caring & compassionate doctor, the one who really listened to me. I always felt like she really, really wanted to help me more. I think chiro, like many things, can be enormously successful for some people, less effective for others.

    Good luck, Zoe, hope it helps!!

  9. garyandkim

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    for us it was not the answer but, helps. We still have gotten worse with new symtoms but, it does help. I had to stop for 6 months and the spasums got worse and of course the pain and it did help some with the energy. We do love to go because we do find it helps us some. Every little bit helps!

    Good luck, Kim and Gary