chiropractor do they do any good

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  1. leastacy

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    Hello this is my first time posting a topic but my question is my husband has been diagonsed with FM and he was wondering if a chiropractor is worth the effort of getting out of the house and going to see. He is in a lot of pain and was just wondering if seeing a chiropractor would help any with the pain.

  2. caroleye

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    This is a tricky question because it depends on what's causing the pain. If it's muscular, or something is "out" e.g. my back/hip will go out occasionally & I'll have it "shifted" back and the pain will go. But I don't do "cracking".

    The other piece is that you find a really good chiropractor. They are far & few between, like most health practitioners. If you could google photostimulator (that's a new pain machine), that would be a good place to start because he/she could use that machine as well (light therapy for pain).

  3. leastacy

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    Thanks for the info.

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    I do get help from my chiropractor. He syas that he cannot cure the fibro but that if my spine stays in alignment, I will have less pain. I think poor posture from fatigue as well as inactivity contribute to misalignment. I just go when I need to.
    It wouldn't hurt to get an assessment but you may have to try more than one. Ask around. Is there a local support group that might have an idea?

    Good Luck

  5. gvmeabrk

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    I believe they do help.I know for myself if I am experiencing alot of headaches it usually means my neck needs cracked and it takes the pressure I was feeling away in my head.I also believe that keeping the spine inline is more relaxing.I kn ow when I have my back cracked I can automatically feel the tension going and my muscles will twitch as if sayin "it's about time"lol.But there are really bad ones out there,talk to friends and see who they feel is a safe one.I do know that there are some who will make you worse to keep you coming back have been there done that.And I wouldn't let them talk you into going on a regular basis or for a select amount of treatments unless it is necessary.Some have the elctronic stimulators and they do give huge relief.In that case I would suggest going for several of those treatments.
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    I have a Chiropractor that is very gentle with me. No hard jerking. I get headaches and when I have several in one week, I just go and have my neck and upper back adjusted once or twice and no more headaches. As you probably know, having a headache on top of the body pain just puts you over the edge of coping, so He's a lifesaver.
    I also get massage, which feels good- but sometimes makes me more sore. I never get more than 1/2 hour massage.
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    I have an excellent chiropractor who does a lot of soft tissue work on me and then adjusts my bones. Since I have myfascial pain, this has been a huge help. It doesn't cure the pain, but it does provide some relief. I went in a couple of weeks ago in a major spasm/flare, and the next day I was feeling almost normal again. That said, I am often very sore to the touch the day after the appointment.
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    Dear Lea,
    It depends on the Chiropractor, and on what is wrong with you.

    Chiropractors specilize in the spine. They can help if your pain is aggravated by the mis-alignment of a bone somewhere, or by spasm.

    Just be careful you find a good one. I was lucky to find a great Chiro and he has helped me a lot. That was, however, with a pinched nerve, etc.....
    When I go now, it is for mainntenance, and I will admit, I feel great afterwards! Somehow, my Fibro pain lessened. I suppose that was because pain from muscle spasms can travel a long way and aggravate other conditions.

    Good luck,
  9. jbennett2

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    She is a young woman and is up on the latest techniques. She is very gently with me, unless I'm really out of whack. She has given me lots of advice on diet and vitamins to take.

    She uses a stimulator tool, as well as an electonic pulsing machine (can't remember the name) and always starts and ends with heat. She also uses a massager that is like a pad sander.

    I believe you will want to find someone young; those old guys are stubborn and like to crack and yank. We need gentle adjustments.
  10. 1sweetie

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    Both my son and husband will be seeing a neurologist next week because of damage caused by the same chiropractor. He was really rough and has caused damage to both of them. I suggest a massage therapist that is familar with CFS/FM. They have helped me so much. They are gentle and a person with FM & CFS have a very sensitive CNS.
  11. Sue50

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    I went for my spine to be adjusted and it really helped the overall fibro pain, after about a month my pain went from an 8 to a 3, I was able to cut way down on my meds, but when I couldn't afford it anymore the pain came back without weekly adjustments. If you decide to go to one get a very good reference from someone you know well that has had several visits to the dr. they are referring you to.
    Good luck