chiropractor overstimulation??

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    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if it is possible to get over-sstimulation of your nerves by a chiropractor? I am wondering this becase I've been going for a month now to a chiro and my skipped beats became more frequent in the last month. Also more episodes of tachycardia as well. he says if you have autonomic nervous system disorder or any symptoms thereof then a chiro is a great place to go cause he can stimulate the nerves and this can help to heal you. Does anyone think it is posible this stimulation has caused an increase in these annoying symptoms? If I already had dysautonomia before, why did the symptoms change or increase afterwards? Beforehand I was experiencing extra beats but only about 1 a week to every other week. And I guess I could've had some tachy before but now it's real prominent. Not sure if I can go back feeling this way. He also thinks my horrible anxiety is the culprit for the increase. any ideas?? Thanks!

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    It's good you let your chiro know about the after effects of the treatment. It is definitely possible to over-do in a chiro appointment. My chiro and I got too enthusiastic about getting my ribs to align and relax at my last appointment, and I hurt for days and went into a flare afterward.

    I know for me, less is better, and gentle treatment and good communication is the key.

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    Hi and thanks for the replies. I don't have a heart condition per se. I have postural tachycardia (not sure if it's exactly the syndrome or not). I was told that I may have a disrupted autonomic nervous systemm which can affect your heart beat. So I don't know whether the chiro is helping or hindering. I guess it is possible that after stimulation the system has to adjust.

    I guess I could ask him is we could skip an adjustment. Right now I am going 2x a week. I was going 3x a week cause when I started with him I was in a lot of pain (neck and back). Now my neck is pretty nice and only gets tight ocasionally. My back still aches off and on though, esp. right between the shoulder blades.

    As far as the anxiety, I know it has been a problem and I will try some of those thigs you suggested. Thanks for the ideas.

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    Not all chiropractors are alike. I have learned that there is a huge diversity in methodology and skill. I saw several chiropractors from 1999 to 2001 that actually did more harm than good or just not helping. I have been seeing my current chiropractor since 2001. He has helped me immensely. I was very ill when I first started to see him. He utilizes kinesiology in his practice. For me, kinesiology has been absolutely necessary. He has always said for me specifically (not all people) that a chiropractor that doesn't practice kinesiology would be clueless as to how much to do, what to do, or how best to help me. I would have very negative reactions to the previous chiropractors.

    I have also learned the importance of a good massage therapist. My chiropractor could put my bones in proper alighnment, but my muscles would pull them back out. My atlas use to be out all of the time, but when I got a good massage therapist, this solved the problem. Now, my atlas hasn't been out for years. However, finding a good massage therapist is quite difficult. I have been through 7 of them. If you want a massage therapist to help with relaxation than any of them are probably ok, but if you are trying to work out a specific problem (like muscles not pulling vertebrae or other bones out of place) than good luck finding an effective massage therapist.