Chiropractor says multiple visits needed.......Sound right?

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  1. donna13210

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    First visit to a new chiropractor for what I called a "new, unique pain" in neck & shoulder. (by "unique" I mean other than my usual super-achy neck/shoulders).

    One of the first things I told him is that I have FMS and would appreciate it if he would NOT do that head-turning-neck-snap thing other chiropractors have done and also please, no "making pretzel-shapes out of my body and appendages". Gentle spinal manipulations would do just fine. He chuckled and agreed.

    I don't know much about this field, but he believes since all nerves are connected to the spinal column in some manner, any spine or back problems affect the organs. Back problems can cause bowel & bladder problems, stomach problems, etc.

    He wants me to come TWICE A WEEK for 2-3 weeks, then less often, then taper off to maintenance visits. My insurance covers most of it, but it will still be costly to me.

    Am I being taken? He says visits must be close together in the beginning to keep the momentum going (my words) and to make adjustments quickly based on the results from the previous session.

    He also offered his opinion on Fibromyalgia. He believes it can be traced back to at least one significant emotional traumatic event in one's life. You carry the stress response from this event or events in your body but eventully it surfaces as pain and other symptoms. Your body reacts to those symptoms, you compensate or OVERcompensate and indirectly cause MORE symptoms, etc. A downhill spiral many of us are familiar with!

    What do you guys think of all these costly visits?
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  2. klutzo

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    The intense visits at first then tapering sounds pretty standard to me, but I am concerned about his theory on FMS. Is he a Scientlogist by any chance? This sounds suspiciously like their engram theory. I know many people with fibro who claim their lives were just fine until this hit them out of the blue. They insist they had no major stress going on. True, they are in the minority, but there are too many of them to ignore.
    I don't agree that chiro will cure you, so I hope he is not making that claim. It may help a lot, depending upon your problems. He is right that back problems affect lower back spasms make me have to pee a lot more often. I cannot tolerate chiropractic manipulation...the next day my muscles will be so tight it will make me throw up from pain. I am glad you are able to do it.
    It doesn't sound like quackery to me, so I guess it would depend on how you feel about his theories.
    Good luck,
  3. Susan07

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    The reason for the close visits and then tapering are so the muscles can gradually change back to their old place. Once the muscles get shortened they need to be stretched back to their original structure.

    Chiro has really helped me a couple of times. After my most recent series I am going to start at a massage therapist for my "maintenance".

    I think you'll know in a few visits if it is helping and if not you can stop before you get too far in.
  4. donna13210

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    I'm just paranoid about being hoodwinked. Over the years
    I've read articles written by people who think chiropractors are "bunk" and these articles mock people who fall for the "come see me twice a week for 3 weeks"regimen. The non-believers seem to believe it's all a sham.

    Personally, I believe chiropractic treatments can be very beneficial. I am glad to say my "new, special" pain in my neck & shoulder is about 50% better today ! This is good! I knew it would take more than one treatment, so I'm prepared to go back.

    No, the doctor didn't claim to be able to cure me of FMS. But he does imply that he can help with some of my other problems such as overactive bladder & incontinence, bowel distress, etc. Hey, I say GO FOR IT ! (if I can swing it financially).

    By the way he didn't mention Scientology either. I'll let you know if he does.

    Thanks again for your replies. I want to trust him.....
    he's one of those warm, funny people that actually listen. People feel instantly at ease with him. Don't find too many doctors like that !

    I'll let you know how it goes
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  5. donna13210

    donna13210 Member

    Bumping for more info on chiropractors. Thanks!
  6. Ahorsesoul

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    My Nuritionalist (also a chiropractor) told me if a chiropractor adjusts you and it keeps going out of place you may not have enough calcium. She told me to increase my calcium by taking magnesium. I went to a chiropractor seminar at the hospital where I worked. That chiropractor said if you are not given exercises to strengthen your muscles then do not go back. He said if the muscles are not strengthen, then the chiropractor will make more money off of you because it will not stay in place. I do not know how true these statement are but they do make sense to me. My hip (SI joint) hurt so bad for 10 years that I use to hope it would break so it could get fixed. I went to the chiropractor and to physical therapy for years. Since I started taking magnesium, I have not been in for an adjustment for my hip.
  7. Pryna

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    It depends what kind of treatment he/she is performing at each of these visits, and the approach being used. If treatment is the "thrust technique" (where you can sometimes hear a pop and generally feel quite good immediately afterward), then the concern about going 2 times a week (or more)for an extended period of time is that the joints can become "hypermobile". In other words, it is great when they are put back into place, however if the joint slips out more easily, then you need to go back to have it "fixed" again more often. If your DC is addressing the soft tissue, ligaments, muscle spasms that are all involved in a "joint dysfunction" including techniques that address these (as opposed to only using thrust techniques) then 2 times a week may be appropriate. Especially if an interdiciplinary approach with physical therapy, etc. is being used. But again- this is how I was trained, and everybody has their own opinion about all of this- ie very controversial.
  8. soozbee

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    From my personal experience, multiple visits can be harmful!

    Chiropractors do have their place, but I will tell you that I believe that many of them adjust more than is necessary (due to the quota they need to meet).

    Over a 2 year period, I was way overadjusted. I feel sometimes that along with other things, this has exacerbated my fibro tremendously.

    Also, my chiropractor was doing such a booming business that I was not on the bed for more than a minute before he was jumping up to see the next patient. This is definitely not good. He may have been seeing over 100 patients a day.

    If you are not relaxed when you are 'cracked' it can wreak havoc on your muscles and soft tissue. I actually wrote a letter to the top to complain, but since they wanted names, I had to deal with the issue of putting someone out of business and I didn't have the heart to do it, although I still question whether I did the right thing!

    A good chiropractor will take as much time with you as you need (up to 20 minutes believe it or not). First, you should lie on a moist heating pad while you are waiting for him to come to adjust you. This relaxes the muscles and tissue and prepares them for the adjustment. Then, when he does adjust you, he can do it in such a simple, gentle way that if your back is already aligned, there will not be any cracks at all. And thirdly, I don't believe you should be adjusted more than once a week, to begin with and then definitely not more than once a month (if necessary only).

    Other than this, I believe that people are being cracked for no good reason, and the muscles are suffering the damage.

    My advice is that if you find a chiropractor who takes this time, you will be in good hands. Otherwise, I would not recommend a chiropractor, unless you have something definitely out that is giving you horrible pain constantly and you need to get it back into place. If you are starting to feel better, yet he tells you that you should continue to come, that should also be a warning sign.
  9. KJ2003

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    I know a couple of chiropractors and one is a close friend. They are trained to schedule patients in this manner. Bottom's a money maker.

    Go with your gut instinct. If it is working for you, great! It's worth the money! But if there comes a time when you do not feel you need it as much or if it isn't working for you, then don't go. Everyone is different.

    I went religiously a few years back and to tell you the truth, it was more hype than help. But that is just me. What works for one may not work for another and vice versa.

    Massage therapy does wonders for me and is worth every dollar I spend, when I have the money to actually have one.

    However, when you go, make sure you get some samples of Bio-Freeze. It really soothes achy muscles. Also, when you go, that day drink a LOT of water. Sometimes chiropratic care can wipe you out and drinking more water helps cleanse the toxins from your body. Same goes for massages. Drink water.

    Good luck to you and take good care of yourself :)


  10. fullarmor

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    I've been going to a chiro for about 5 months now. While i can't say it's helped my fibro that much, other than loosening up my upper back and improving my range of motion there, he's completely rid me of my migraines! I've been getting them since i was 13 and nothing, not even a beta blocker to prevent them, did much good. After a month of treatment, i'm off the beta blocker and have not had a single migraine! He started me at 3 visits a week, and now i'm at 2 times a month. Make sure your chiro is spending adequate time with you; mine spends about 20-25 minutes! He never claimed to cure the fibro, but he really tries to help relieve the pain. I hope your visits go well!
  11. donna13210

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    The general consensus seems to be that I am in good hands with this DC, and I agree.

    He took his time and we talked quite a bit while he did his initial examination (range of motion, etc.). On my first visit, he checked for "shortness of leg" and did spinal adjustments to my spine and hip, using short, quick thrusting motions, mostly using his thumb, I believe. For those of us with FM, some of those "jabs" hurt like heck because our muscles are so tender.

    Two days later my neck, shoulders and lower back felt better than they've felt for a looooong time! I go back again tomorrow. I will ask him then about relaxing the muscles first, as some of you have mentioned.

    As far as going twice per week, he said once per week wasn't enough in the beginning to get things going. If we did once per week, he would just be wasting my money, as he put it.

    One of the first things he recommended was Magnesium, which I planned to start anyway.

    Pryna - thanks for the candid insight. Hope I didn't offend you about the "negative" talk about DC's. Personally, I'm a believer. It was the frequent visits that was making me nervous.

    Ralph - yes, it all made absolute sense! Thanks

    Thanks again to all!!! I'll do the twice/week for 2 weeks then see how it goes.
  12. Pryna

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    actually I am not a DC, I am a DO, and it wasn't offensive to me. Just let you know the types of things I have been taught re manipulation.
  13. donna13210

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    He still hasn't mentioned heat or any exercises. I'm going to wait to see if it comes up at a later visit. I'm sure my muscles are tight when I go in there. It's hard for me to relax ANYTIME, especially when I know it's going to hurt! (dentist syndrome? ha ha).

    It seems the more tender the spot he finds, the harder he digs in his thumb or knuckles or whatever he's using. Daggone it hurts like the devil ! I hope this is worth it.

    Doctor says when he's done, I may find that alot of pain I've been blaming on the fibro was actually related to my spine/vertabrae being out of whack. I hope so !
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