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    Ok as it was NUTCRACKER weekend for my girls and I work back stage durring thier dance performances... anlong w/ another Mom who just happens to be a chiropractor...(her kids hve danced w/ my oldest for aout 5 we are friends as well) So seeing that I value her opinion and find that she is quite knowledgable and honest i asked her about fibromyalgia..she said that all it was was ...something in my neck (a curvature...either forward or backwards..) she had an exact term for this but asI "over-did it" this weekend my memory is not the greatest..also I have tried to do a search and other chiropractic sites I have found did not mention this.. I know that my description is quite unclear.. but today is not the best day (cognetivley speaking..) I was hoping that someone could help and explain tis better none the less
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    Let me guess... you have a Vertebral Subluxation. Subluxation being the key word. That's what they tell everyone whether you have fibro, cancer, liver disease, heart problems, knee problems, etc.

    They feel that all of our problems are due to subluxations. The subluxations interfere with the communication from our brains to our bodies.

    I know many have been helped by chiros and I am NOT knocking them. Shoot, I went to one for 6 months. Only to be back in the same boat I was when I first started going. Initially I got relief, but it quickly subsided. I was just told that that would happen as my body is repairing itself. They want you to continue to go for life... starting with 3x a week.

    All it did for me was drain my pocket book. But I tried it and I know that it didn't work for me. And that's okay with me.

    What works for one might not work for another.

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    I have been to two chiros. The first was like the other one described here. The one I currently see was recommended to a friend who has FM by her PT. When I did a web search I learned that she is trained in ART, which is working with the soft tissues. The difference between the two approaches is like night and day. If you can find someone who uses ART you will notice the difference. She also has me seeing her twice a month, instead of 2-3 times a week.

    You can look here on the board for posts about ART. Mel has written about it a lot. This happens to be something I agree with him on.

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    Perhaps she was refering to Spinal Stenosis? If she was it is nothing she can help with, it requires surgery. Yes some with FM have this (I do not)
    My Chiropractor is wonderfull. He explained to me when the muscles in my back knot up it pulls on my spine and makes my symptoms worse. So I get ocasional adjustments and it works for me. Then again I have always went for the natural approach to healing and have been sucessfull for the most part. I take no prescriptions anymore and am doing much better than when I was taking a crap load of chemicals.
    What works for one may not work for another. I was lucky, a supportive doctor and lots of research got me to this point.
    Good luck, and give Chiro a try....may help, cant hurt.
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    No relief from chiro. Much relief from massage therapy.

    My chiropractor (votes best in city) hurt my neck. My massage therapist is slowly making it feel better.

    I believe you can get relief from both, but in general, a massage therapist trained to work on fibro patients can do so much.

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    often... once or twice a week sometimes.... he lets me call when I need him and ALWAYS* works me in, which is much more than my rheumie does!! I also get massages about every week or two.,.. depends on how often I see the chiro but let me tell you... I couldn't live* without my chiro... I'm a nurse and have never had any exposure to chiro medicine before the last five yrs... and my experience has been totally wonderful... I think if chiro is an option for you, and its expensive, it would be one to try... also I'd find people who know him/her well and have been patients a LONG time to evaluate the chiro... they are not all alike and I would recommend one that does no advertising and is primarily word of mouth.... independent and perhaps someone yes with further training... mine is an acupuncturist as well... he helps me tremendously and I am thankful to have met him! Good luck... alot of what a good does is simply smart stuff... like stretches and vibrational stuff.... I love it!!!!!!
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    I was in terrible pain when I went to a chiro and it did help. The initial schedule of 3 times a week is tough on the purse if you don't have the insurance coverage. I have the curve of the neck in the wrong direction that someone else mentioned. Since doing routine visits (i go about once a week, more or less as needed) i have had much more flexibility of my neck, less headaches, and improvement of symptoms i was getting in my shoulder. since going to the chiro, i can feel when things are out of whack in my body, especially hip area, and the adjustments do make a difference. I don't let her to use the forceful motions on my neck. she uses the activator, which is a metal clicker spring operated thing. I think regarding chiro, the person you go to makes a lot of difference.
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    I know many who are devoted to this treatment but I would never let anyone do any harsh movement to my neck. The risk of permanent damage is too high for the potential rewards. We are talking about the cns here. I'm not saying it happens frequently but it does happen so before you let anyone touch your neck be sure they have malpractice ins. Many years ago a chiro patient was paralyzed in my state by a chiro with no ins.