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  1. ladydi

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    Dear Worship Forum members and readers,

    It has been requested that we remind you that there are
    many needs over on the chit/chat board.

    We have had such a great response to all the ones in
    need of prayer.

    If you are a prayer warrior like many on the chit/chat
    board, please take a moment to read thru the request and
    pray for those in need.

    We still pray for those here on the Worship side, and I
    understand that this use to be the place to bring prayer

    As we continue to grow in our faith, I'd just like to
    bring to your attention, the prayer needs of those
    on the chit/chat side also.

    As I close, like I said before, we will continue to watch
    for prayer request on the worship board also.

    May we all become better children of God as we care and
    pray for one another.


    ps: If you pray to a higher power other than the Trinity,
    We'd still encourage you to lift up these needs in your

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  2. Shirl

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    I always check the CC Board for prayer request, other boards too. Some are just more confortable asking for prayer on the board they are on, then to bring it here.

    Will continue to do so, and have prayed for all request there this week, and will continue to hold all requests up to the Lord untill answers are received.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  3. RoseTx

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    I think it is really great of you to invite ALL prayers. Thanks for making this inclusion. Hugs, Rose