chlamydia pneumoniae and heart disease

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    My FCC doc ran tests for infections. Came up positive for EBV, Chlamydia pneumoniae, HHV, and another but cant remember name right now. When I saw my rheumy and gave him the results he flipped out because of my titers for chlamydia and told me to see an infectious disease specialist ASAP. Wouldn't tell me why. I looked it up and read abstracts linking Chlamydia with heart disease. I am making an appointment today. Anyone being treated? What works? Antibiotics haven't worked yet.

  2. I tested positive for: C. Pneumoniae, Mycoplasma, HHV-6, EBV, and systemic candida(yeast)

    I only did maybe 3mos of anti-biotics, & anti-virals-Valtrex, then acyclovir. My EBV was highest, they were all (or 3/4, but I think ALL) shown in my IGg & IGa, but I don't think any were in IGm I'm not sure what those mean, I know what IGg is, but not the other two

    My EBV was highest, I don't really remember #'s though.

    I got sick with some kind of mysterious illness last february, and when it passed, I was left with something called "infectious arthritis" it was HORRIBLE...we checked my EBV, but not with that lab, at our local hospital, and it was ok dr said...I was SURE it, or another, had reactivated, due to the very quick onset of the arthritis (already have arthritis,) but this started to attack ankles, fingers, and my *shoulders* were thee worst! I couldn't even reach for my drink without popping & cracking, badly, and the pain was constant and horrendous. A round of steroids & pain medicine took care of it. That whole deal is still a mystery..

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    (I don't go to an FFC, my integrative medicine doctor did these tests,)
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    Sorry I didn't respond, had to go out of state to see my mother who was just diagnosed with cancer but stage 1, so trying to be optimistic. Jolielulu, I am not sure of the dosage but will check when I get out of work. I took the Valtrex (see my post) and started herxing and went off them. I am a bit better but still very tired. I think my prescription for Chantix is affecting me. I went off that yesterday (its to quit smoking). I will try the pulse thing with valtrex (10 days on, 10 days off) and maybe add the questran and coconut oil? I am also asking my doc to test my hypercoagulation, I've been on nattokinese to cure it. Thanks to aintso and wamps (another Wendy!).