Chlamydiae Pneumoniae

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cma331, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    Can anyone give me some info on this? I just found out I proved positive to it..My Dr. is putting me on Minocycline.

    Been doin gsome reading on it...find it a bit scary.

    Also read some older posts on this site about it.

    Thanks ...Carole
  2. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    This came up in a test I had a couple of years ago, but I don't recall having taken antibiotics for it. Maybe I should.

    If you have time and energy, please share briefly what you found out.

    Chasing these bugs is a big endeavor, unfortunately.
  3. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    So far, as I understand it.

    ........It is a type of bacteria......
    Known as the Heart Attack Germ.....
    It increases the risk of heart attack and strokes.

    It is an inflammation in the arteries.

    In CFS the bacteria remains a chronic infection and wrecks havoc on the body, causing many CFS/FM symptons.

    I'll send you whatever else i find out.

  4. Nimzovich76

    Nimzovich76 New Member

    not a bad idea do a trial of abx just in case.

    C. Pneumonia clears up in healthy individuals or it can just remain in the body without causing any harm. Most people will be infected at some point in their lives. It can transmit as easily as the common cold.

    In some people it can be the cause of atherosclerosis but is dependant on the genetic traits of the individual, just like CFIDS, the actual damage is caused by the immune system.
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  5. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    My doctor (who is very good) noted this on one of my tests but did not suggest treating it. We were doing a lot of other things at the time, and I imagine he felt they were a priority.

    Perhaps we will go back to it later.
  6. Jillian40

    Jillian40 New Member

    Good Evening -

    I was tested around June and found to have C.Pneumonia, which can be caught as easily as the common cold. (A healthy person can usually fight it off. But for those of use who are immune compromised, it may take up host in our bodies, as other infections also like to do.)

    Well, my levels were up to something like 1500, which scared me. I spent about 6 weeks laying low this Summer.

    My FFC Doc put me on an antibiotic which I took for about 6 weeks, but there wasn't any follow up treatment after this. I had read just enough to let me know that it may come back if I wasn't careful.

    Thanks Carole, to your post today, I just did some extended reading on www.cpnhelp dot org and learned about the recommended multiple antibiotic protocol.

    Needless to say I'll be bringing this up with my doc really soon.

    I just got over laryngitis, 2 days ago. This sometimes turns into Bronchitis, so I'm watching it closely.

    Thanks a Million Times Over,
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  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    There are articles here in the 'Library' up above, if you do a search on the subject.

    Also go to - here's some info from their home page:

    CPNHELP was started by educated patients who are themselves undergoing combination antibiotic treatment of diseasesi where Cpn has been implicated, including:
    Multiple sclerosis,
    Chronic fatigue,
    Cardiac disease,
    Interstitial cystitis,
    Crohn's diseasei,
    Inflammatory bowel diseases,
    Alzheimer's disease,
    Chronic refractory sinusitis,
    Macular Degeneration,
    and others.

    Why this website?
    Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) has been implicated in such a wide variety of diseases that information about its treatment and science is scattered about the web and tends to be focused on just one of these illnesses.

    We hope to be a central source of information, which will allow us to share findings and compare treatment responses across the variety of problems Cpn causes.

    Work at Vanderbilt University by Stratton et al, extended by British physician David Wheldoni has formulated Combination Antibiotic Protocolsii (CAP's) to treat the multiple life phases of Cpn and fully eradicate this persistent infection.

    What makes Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) so troublesome?

    * While it may start as a respiratory infection, Cpn can be carried to other parts of the body and infect many other tissues, including nerve tissue, the brain, muscles, the lining of blood vessels and even your immunei cells (macrophages).

    * Standard single antibiotic courses (two weeks) only kill Cpn in one of its three life phases, leaving live forms of Cpn bacteria which are in other stages to renew infection.

    * Cpn contains at least two endotoxins (toxic chemicals) which cause tissue damage and inflammationi, chronic immune activation and toxic load in your body.

    * Cpn infects inside your cells and parasitically steals energy from your own body cells in order to replicate.

    * The only way to cure it is to take a combination of antibioticsi, to kill it in all of it's life phases so nothing is left behind to re-infect.


    Hope this helps,

  8. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    Thanks to all that replied . Each one of you were a help to me.

    My Dr. has me on 6 weeks of Minocycline, and than a retesting.

    I had found the site: will continue reading it. There is so much info there.

    My mind is more at ease; since reading your posts.

    Thanks so much..........Carole
  9. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I don't know what role chlamydia pneumonia is playing in my CF/FM/IC/IBS. Conventional medicine says that 100% of the population has antibodies to CPN by the time they are 80.
    Researchers are looking into the role of this form of bacteria in chronic illness.

    I've been on 100 mg. Minocycline 2X per day since 5/1/06. My CPN titers were retested mid July and were even higher than they were in March. My FFC says that's to be expected because they are flushing the infections out of hiding. The doc that gave me the ABX was following the Road Back protocol.

    After 8 weeks on ABX, I was able to drop Achiphex (GERD). I've been on some kind of GERD drug for 20 years! I do not test positive for h. pylori bacteria but have always believed that some other bug has been involved in all my IBS woes.

    After 12 weeks on ABX, I said goodbye to 3 inhalers that I've been using for asthma and chronic sinus problems. I'd like to get retested to see if my antibody titers have changed.

    I stopped taking the ABX for 2 weeks after 6 months. My right ear started hurting and leaking some goop. I've had problems with my ears since I was a kid. My sinuses clogged up and I started wheezing again. Now I'm back on the ABX but not the inhalers. Garth Nicolson ( suggests pulsing the ABX 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off after 6 continuous months.

    I'm considering returning to FFC for more treatment with AV IVs. In addition to the CPN, I have very high EBV titers plus candida. Wish I had a crystal ball that would tell me what works and what doesn't!

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