Chlorine in water

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lendi, Jul 11, 2003.

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    I know that I have a reaction to chlorine bleach. Can't breath cough etc. Is chlorine in water the same thing? I never take a shower because my eyes swell and hurt if water gets into them, even if I just splash it on my face. So, I'm wondering if by taking a bath does my skin absorb cholorine? Could that be part of what makes me ill? Is there a filter that can be put on lines to get rid of cholorine in the whole house? Obviously, I can drink purified water, but I don't know what to do with normal use. Anyone else or thoughts?
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    chlorine in tap water is nasty stuff!!

    If there isn't much, just leaving it to stand or boiling it gets rid of most of it. My water here in Yorkshire, England isn't too bad but I don't drink it unfiltered unless it's boiled.

    My daughter in Virginia had her water tested and the chlorine levels were totally unacceptable. (I could smell it in the tap water and it tastes disgusting!) She won't drink it any more and is seriously considering a filter system. It is possible to get filters put in that filter all the water before it comes out of the taps, which would help your eyes when showering. I'm sure if you put water purification or filtering into a search engine you['d find something. Or look in your local business phone directory.

    I think the worst part is breathing it in or drinking it. I don't actually know how much you would absorb through a bath.
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    Chlorine is, I understand, easy to get out of water. There are at natural products web sites like gaiam dot com that sell showerheads that filter out chlorine. They sell one called Oxygenics Shower Head. Gaiam is pretty expensive all around. I am sure you could do a Froogle search and find a better price.

    There might be chlorine filters for the bath tap as well.

    Chlorine does evaporate if water is left standing overnight, but that won't help you get a hot bath!

    Good luck! Aeryn