chlorine linked with cfs???

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  1. lyndafromri

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    has anyone heard about taking showers and/or drinking water with chlorine...and how it affects cfs?
  2. mollystwin

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    I read about the ill effects of chlorine not just with CFS but with other illnesses as well. My son has asthma, I have CFS and my granddaughter who is only three is already showing many sensitivities.

    So last June we installed a whole house water filter that removes chlorine. In addition to that we installed a reverse osmosis filter for our kitchen and refrigerator/freezer. So we have fresh pure drinking water and ice cubes!

    The plastic used in bottled drinking water supposedly leaches chemicals in the water, so even bottled water can be hazardous. It's the number 1 recylde number kind of plastic that they use in the bottled water that causes problems, so I buy my own bottles with higher numbers and put my purified water from my kitchen in it.
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