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  1. LJL

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    Have any of you experienced a sensitivity to Chlorine??
    I used to be able to swim and now getting near the chlorinated water is awful..Can't breath and it gives me headaches..There was an article today about how that goes along with Fib and CFS..???????? LJL
  2. jkd7058

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    I used to use chlorine bleach in the wash. Then my SO had to start doing the white loads. Now I can't even be in the house when he is doing laundry.

    I'm lucky I can do my swimming at my parents pool. They were using a very low dose of chlorine. Now they're looking into a system that doesn't use chlorine at all.

    Maybe I'll just have to move to Negril, Jamaica and swim in the beautiful clear blue waters. :)
  3. sb439

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    but it has got better.
    chlorine sensitivity is sometimes associated with taurine deficiency (an amino acid).
  4. IntuneJune

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    If I could not get in the pool, I would die--- I am so sorry for all of you with chlorine sensitivies. June
  5. Mikie

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    Chlorine is bad for us. We get it in our drinking water, the pool and through white paper products. The biggest amount is usually from bleached coffee filters; buy the brown, unbleached ones.

    Don't use Splenda sweetner as it contains chlorine.

    Love, Mikie
  6. tansy

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    with chlorine. In the ealier years of my CFS/FM I became extremely chemically sensitive.

    Could do more physically then but learnt that I could not tolerate swimming pools that were chlorinated.
    Had same problems as you plus a red burning rash all over my body. Here in the UK some pools use ozone which was great.

    I got myself tested for chemical snesitivities, was put on a programme of desensitization and avoided tap water unless I could filter the chlorine out of it.

    Still can't go near an indoor swimming pool without some problems but they're much milder now. Can even risk drinking small amounts of tap water but only do that when I'm not at home.

    I believe our immune system changes make us more prone to allergies.


  7. southstars_tat2s

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    Oh god yes I have reactions to clorine/clorox. I get migraines so bad I wish I would die....If I am in someones house ands they are cleaning or using it in the laundry..I get sick . My friends know now to warn me if they have used it recently if I am planning on comming over to their house.I have been at work, and some damn body use clorox, and I have to stuff my nostrils with kleenex so I don't smell the clorine. People laugh, but I want to literally BAN the sale of clorox. It should be illegal! I can't go to the pool..or be around clorine/clorox PEROID..and yes all my whites are yellow/brown LOL
  8. Shirl

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    I stay away from pools, will make me sick as a dog, not to mention the headaches.

    I do use the unbleached coffee filters too.

    I can only use household bleach in low doses, for the floors, just about a half cup to a large pail of water to mop, then I open the doors and windows.

    Here are a few more; Pine Oil, Ammonia, furniture polish, room deodorizers, flea powders and shampoos (even my dogs are allergic to these), roach poison, carpet cleaners, any kind of insect spray, no chemical fertilizers, or bug killers for plants, most chemicals that clean the house.

    I use mainly vinegar and peroxide to clean with, soap and water will do too.

    Shalom, Shirl