Chocolate Cravings and Appetite Control

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  1. lavenderblue

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    I've had M.E (as it's known in the UK) for six years. I've always had trouble keeping my weight down and did this mainly through exercise. Obviously this isn't possible now due to the ME.

    I've put on over three stone since becoming ill (I'm only 5'2") and I put this down to the lack of exercise, the metabolic effects of the illness, an appetite that's out of control and mega chocolate cravings. Has anybody else experienced this?

    I've always enjoyed my food but through sheer will power was able to control my intake. Chocolate has always been a favourite but again, prior to the illness I managed to limit my intake.

    For the last three years I've not been able to lay off the chocolate for one day - I find it impossible. I usually last to the evening and then the cravings/withdrawal symptoms take over (or I become hypoglyceamic). Is there any vitamin or mineral that I can take to curb these cravings?

    With regard to the hypoglyceamia and out of control appetite I've tried several eating plans -high complex carbohydrate intake down to the various carbohydrate plans - nothing works.

    Is there anybody out there who has or is experiencing the same - any advice would be gratefully received.

    Kind Regards,

    LB (UK)

    P.S I've had glucose tolerance tests they have shown nothing abnormal.
  2. Jaysea

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    I used to have severe cravings for chocolate when I was on the pill. They told me that the pill caused magnesium and Vit B6 deficiency and that's why I craved choc. Apparently choc has B vitamins and magnesium in it. It's good for you !Anyway, when I stopped taking the pill the cravings went away. I used to buy choc bars by the case not just one or two bars. I never gained weight though. Try taking a magnesium and a B complex supplement and see if your cravings disappear. It's worth a try.
  3. Shirl

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    You did get some great advice here. If you think its the choloate you crave and not the sugar in it, the magnesium supplements, and the B-6 is a great idea (in fact, get a complete B-complex instead of just the B-6).

    If it is the sugar, then you will have to taper off from the candy. If you try to quit all at once you will get withdrawls symptoms, headaches are one of them.

    The caffiene in choloate (large amounts) are not good for ME/FM. it can deplete the body of magnesium and thus cause more pain.

    Hope this helps some. No, I am not a 'choloate lover'!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi LB, it is so good to know i am not the only one out there that loves chocolate. My home is always supplied with it. Even hide it from the kids, ha ha. It has become increasingly worse since this DD too. I have to have chololate daily I swear. You got some great advise and I am betting that my problem is the lacking of suppliments. Thanks for posting this. We are truly blessed with a board of so much knowledge ha.
    Happy holidays.
  5. Ditto on what Joannie said for me too! The first of the year I am going to get off the sweets , chocolate and pop!! I know I would feel better !
  6. klutzo

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    Chocolate will raise your serotonin level quicker than just about anything, so it's no wonder we crave it.
    A magnesium supplement at bedtime, mega-B complex in the morning, and a strict high protein-low carb diet has got my cravings under control to where I eat no other sugars, but I do allow myself one Ferro Rocher pack per week so I get my chocolate fix. If I didn't, I'd never stick to this diet, which has helped me feel so much better.
    Good luck,
  7. CelticLadee

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    Hi. I have always been addicted to chocolate. My husband who is not a chocolate lover has stood silently in amazement as I consumed boxes or bars of chocolate. (Fortunately he had a grin on his face)
    Well, in July 2002 I had my first major episode of CFIDS/ME after it lingered in a flu like state in my body after a bout with Shingles from Spring 2001. I lost my 20 overweight pounds from the flu like symptoms of CFIDS/ME between July - Nov. The pending question is: Am I to change a life of chocolate consumption to zero? Well, July - Sept. was fairly easy in a way because chocolate among other things gave me an excruciating headache. These headaches were so bad I could only barely eat veggies & fruit. But now after being in treatment for 2 months my chocolate addiction is beginning to raise its lovely head. (I am on 3 daily doses of magnesium and B complex vitamins to boot.) It is especially difficult for me at Christmas as our family traditionally makes delicious homemade fudge. Just thinking of it my tastebuds stand at attention and I salivate in anticipation. I am not going to make fudge myself this year but when I get to my folks I will reward myself with 1 or 2 pieces in celebration. In the meantime I am on a strict diet of 15 grams of protein per meal, veggies, a little fruit and some grains. Boring huh? The benefit of this and the supplements is that my body isn't as achy, my flulike symptoms have decreased and I am not as fatigued. But doing without chocolate, sugar, alcohol & caffiene are against my grain so I am sure I will have times of indulgence when I feel somewhat good and then pay the price. In the meantime I am bolstering my immune system with good stuff so I can get better. I think the diet and supplements have helped the craving decrease considerably but not eliminate it so far. I hope you can find the balancing act that works for you. I understand the frusteration of it believe me.
    I wish you a very Happy & Peaceful Holiday.