Chocolate works better for me than any SRI's (food intolerances)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SpiroSpero, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. SpiroSpero

    SpiroSpero New Member


    actually I love chocolate but I can't eat it because of my food interolances to everything. However when trying supplements (B12 e.g.) or new foods they sometimes drag me into a hole of depression. There is nothing I can do about it especially with the B12. Really sad to read all the threads about the positive effects of B12 when it causes this adverse effect in me.
    Luckily many times my body craves for chocolate then and luckily this works. I tried all kind of things but it's the chocolate that works only. It's definetly not the sugar, I eat dark chocolate (70%) in those situations only and within 1 hour my mood improves drastically (maybe because of the neurotransmitters or the magnesium contained in chocolate) while skin etc. worsen because of the food intolerances. I don't care because of the latter as long as I feel better. In fact, chocolate works faster and better than any SRI's (I only take them in case of an emergency ;-) and 1 tablet/capsule normally lasts for 1-2 weeks).
    This would be ok if hadn't all these food intolerances. My digestion is so bad and my intestines seem so inflamed...weight gain is no problem for me, I can eat as much calories as I want...they all go down the drain.
    Enzymes make it worse while probiotics are fine but don't seem to be a solution for it.
    I wonder if HHV 6+7 or EBV attack our intestines so hard that we suffer from those intolerances and GI problems.
    I know quite a few people on the HHV-6 Foundation forum who suffer from extreme intolerances and allergies like some people (including me) here.
    Has anyone found a solution at least for the GI and intolerance problems? I mean I don't eat fructose, lactose, gluten etc. but my GI tract doesn't get better even on this extreme diet.

    I suspect 2 causes:

    1. Virological.
    2. Reduced blood flow to the intestines.

    Any comments?
  2. Elisa

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    From your description - I would do two things...

    Get tested for Celiac - you can do it yourself through enterolabs (on-line).

    2nd - I would try colostrum -it helps repair a leaky gut - which may be the basis of food intolerances - worth a shot.

    I have Celiac - many do - very common - 1 in 100.

    Celiac will cause all the issues you described in in the gut.

    There is a website called that is educational - you can check it out...

    God Bless,


  3. cookie1960

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    The only true test for celiac disease is a biopsy done via a scope. If you don't want to have the test - try a celiac diet (you can find them online) and if your gastro problems improve, it's most likely the cause.

    Oh, by the way...I crave chocolate constantly, but due to migraine triggers I avoid it at all costs.

    I miss my chocolate.

  4. Elisa

    Elisa Member


    Here is an article discussing why the biopsy of the intestine is the old gold standard...

    This test is like knowing you have heart disease BEFORE you have a heart attack. Plus not all those with Celiac have loss of intestinal villi - throughout the entire small intestine.

    And the best part is the lab I went to offers genetic testing throught the Red Cross to verify the celiac genes. I found I have two genes - so that helps with children's inheritability questions and issues too.

    I was grateful to find out without invasive surgery.

    Just wanted to be sure you knew all the options.

    God Bless,


  5. SpiroSpero

    SpiroSpero New Member

    thx for your answers. I had a biopsy but it was negative (marsh 0). however like I said I definetly feel better on a gluten free diet and I will strictly stick to it from now on.
    prof de meirleir has run a test on me for celiac disease but it hasn't returned from the US yet.

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