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    Hi chootik,bicillin shots are an antibotic that is pencillin

    and instead of oral antibotics you do an injection 2x a week

    they are suppose to pentrate deeper into the cns level of

    your body,they attack the lyme at a deeper level and there has been some great succes with this treatment.

    I am also very new to all this lyme stuff,and that is what my doctor explanied to me.

    I have severe pain and they are hoping this will helpme quicker than orals. It is suppose tobe as good as iv thearpy.

    I have only had 2 injections so I do not know yet how they will work,I feel worse but that is a good sign because it means that it is killing the lyme.It is uncomfortable and hard to deal with but once the bad is over you start to feel better,at least that is what I am told and only time will tell and it takes a long time to get betterand everyone is different and respond differently to certain treatments.

    I am hoping these will help and I will keep posting on my progress.

    It sounds like you have chosen a natural way to killthe lyme. I am to sick to do that but acually I do chinese herbs along with antibotic treatment. I have only been in treatment for 3months for I had alot of setbacks in the beginning of my treatment and was very depleted and the doctors had to go real slow, now I am just a little stronger and they feel they can be a little more aggressive,

    I am hoping to feel better, and I hope you do to.I hope i answered your question ... Thank you for responding to me it helps when you know others care.

    Good luck with your treatment and keep me posted because at some point I would like to go natural.
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    Thanks for the info. I still have a lot to learn about Lyme.

    I am going to do ABX as well, but my doc wanted me to bring down the load with herbal stuff first and then do ABX.

    I will def. keep posting on the site about the herbal stuff and hopefully we'll get more people who will try this and share their experiences.