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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wildzootv, Sep 2, 2003.

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    I went to a chiropractor today. This was the first time I had seen him. Since we are military we move around periodically so I usually take a while to find one and then I'm not there very long.

    He is not totally convinced that I have FM. Didn't that happen to someone here too? That was great news to my ears as expanding our family has been on our minds. He said once we get my spine alined then he thinks much of the pain and problems will be eleved. So we shall see. I know my spine is out of wack, and either way it does need to go back in place.

    He is not much of a hands on kind of doc though.....he used a thing that kind of pops your verderbate into place. It sounded like a staple gun and I know it had a rubber tip but I didn't see it. I asked him about it and he said it's been in practice for 20 years. Anyone else had that used on them? What do you think?

    He did crack my neck and did some pushing of my lower back. I do feel more loose and have another appt to go back to see him Thursday.
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    I've been worked on by a chiro with that rubber-tipped contraption also. It' s quite common. You might want to check out my thread that is title "Misdiagnosis of CFS/FM common" to read about my chiro miracle experience. Good luck!
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    My chiropractor was a great help for over 6 years. He showed me the little tool before he used it on me and called it an activator. Before I went to the chiropractor I was like an old lady, my feet, back, legs, head and arms hurt and I was only 40! Within just a few months I went from playing tennis, running, gym and biking to hardly walking. Just after a couple of visits to the chiropractor my headaches went, after a few more visits most of my pains subsided. However after 6 years of monthly visits the pains crept in again and got so bad that even chiropractic treatment wasn't effective. I then went to an osteopath and I found his treatment very effective and I enjoy the 20 minutes of one to one. I have been going to the osteopath fortnightly but I tried leaving it for a month but it's too long and my aches are back!
    Hope you feel great after your treatment.