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    I am really glad to hear that Penny is doing well and you are both able to catch up on some living again. I hope this continues...........
    It is good to know that you are still around as this place needs 'like' people who show understanding and compassion and who share the same experiences.
    I appreciate you do not have the time to spend here.
    Most of us here dash in & out, with little time on our hands due to our busy lives caring for others.
    Just one point before I let you get back to living.........

    I am having trouble getting my head around your comment about meaningless platitudes just for the sake of it.

    Meaningless : empty worthless hollow pointless futile insincere

    Platitudes : tired expression commonplace banality

    I am not sure whether you are having a swipe at what is being posted here by people whose intentions are only good.
    Good : decent respectable moral upright virtuous noble worthy blameless

    I guess we all come here for different reasons.
    For me, somedays I need meaningless platitudes and find comfort coming here where I am (on the most part) understood.

    Forgive me if you are not having a swipe.
    Meaningless platitudes does seem a little harsh.


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    For clearing that up.
    Maybe I was just being over sensitive.
    I appreciate your reply and hope Pennies 'good health' continues.