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    On the Chit Chat board someone started a book club, so members can share what they're reading; what's good; what's not. I thought that might be fun here also. I can't get to the library and my daughter will occasionally buy a book for me. They're expensive, and I love sharing them with my kids after I finish them, so need to know in advance if they're worth it.

    Some of my favorites have been:

    "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, which was given to me by my nephew shortly after I was diagnosed with FM and basically bedbound. It let me see that we all have a reason to be here.....

    "One Tuesday Morning" by Karen Kingsbury, given to me to read by my daughter. It's a fictional read about 9/11...a truly inspiring book that had me in tears many times. May be hard for anyone with a personal experience of that time.

    "Oceans Apart" also by Karen Kingsbury. I don't think a person can go wrong with any of her books. Another great fictional book that will have you in tears...both sad and happy...

    Would love to hear what your favorites have been, so I know what to ask for

    Love, Jole
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    I read a book by Karen Kingsbury about medical missionaries in Haiti. Don't remember the title, but it was very caring about all the characters.

    Have you read Jan Karon's series, starting with 'At Home in Mitford'? I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are very funny, but also with depth. I'm on my third or fourth readings. Whenever I need to feel at home in life, I turn to them. They are also like a spiritual I.V., slowly restoring me, and giving me a faith-boost.

    The characters are wonderful! You end up wishing you knew them in real life.
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    I'll have my daughter look for them for me! They sound just like what I want.

    Right now I'm reading "The Shack" by William Paul Young. Haven't gotten very far into it yet. I have to admit it was really pushed as a great book, but so far I'm not finding it that way. Although I haven't gotten to the part where he's visited the shack yet since his daughter's death. Hope it's as good as I've heard......
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    This book has brought me such joy, delight, and inspiration, as well as touching on, and bringing healing to deep wounds. I'll be reading it many times.

    Yes, the exciting part really starts when Mac knocks on the door of the Shack.

    Won't say anymore until you finish it.

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    Sounds like a good alternative to Oprah's (new age) book club.
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    As a matter of fact, that's where I first heard about this book about a year or so ago....also about the last time I watched

    In my opinion, The Shack suprised me with a lot of things I hadn't the image of God and the Holy Spirit....and I nearly quit at that point....but I decided to remain open to them and keep reading, and was pleasantly suprised that there were a lot of concepts in it that I loved. And Judy, I agree it's a very, very healing book!

    There were a lot of passages I wanted to underline so I could refer back to them, but I promised my girls to pass the book will wait until I read it the next time! I still have a few reservations I guess, but the most of it was the revealation of a very loving, caring, compassionate and giving God, with questions we all have answered in beautiful ways. I honestly felt His presence at times while reading, and felt old childhood hurts and anger melt away. It was good for me...... Jole
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    I like to read series. I recently read a series about Amish people and how some had become Christians and how they interacted with the other Amish people in their ordung ( kind of like a congregation) . Very good reading !
    Now I am looking for the book called The Wounded Heart. This is more serious reading and I look forward to reading it , but I don't look forward to reading it ; )

    I like this thread !

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    The Red Tent by Anita Diamant? My daughter read it, and now I'm starting on it. It's about the biblical times and the wives of Jacob. Of course, it's fictional 'cause we all know there's not that much in the Bible about the women. But it's interesting, and definitely "seems" true, with Bible history in a manner that is not boring at all. These women are not any different than the women of today, discussing children, daily activities and their husband.

    I've started a list of books that you guys have mentioned to give to my daughter.....thanks! They all sound very much like the ones I enjoy.......Jole
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    Jole - wow - I'm so glad that you continued reading, and found it to be a healing experience, as well as seeing God portrayed there as compassionate and loving.

    I had the same response as you - wanted to underline things. I had never heard of the book, but one early morning, my close friend was reading to me over the phone. We share what's happening in our lives, pray and laugh and cry together, and read inspirational books of all sorts.

    She was reading to me from a book from the 9th century, I think, and I was concentrating hard. When all of a sudden, she changed her mind, and started reading from The Shack. She started at the part where Mac knocks on the door of the shack.

    She filled me in on the basics of the beginning carefully, because she knows what kinds of things trigger off bad childhood memories for me. AND THEN came one of the greatest stories of my adult life. It just blew me away - the author's brilliant imagination, writing about the very deepest struggles, wounds, and hopes in my life.

    So, I had to wait each day to hear another few chapters. LOL - My friend and I usually talk once a week, but I couldn't wait that long. No way.

    I right away ordered the book to read again - and mark off important passages. I know I will be reading this book on and off for the rest of my life.
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    Yes, the part that bothered me at first...well, by the time I finished and thought about it, made me become really aware of the fact that we have preconceived notions about God. This book really (and I admit, I had to think on it) opened my eyes to the fact that He is everyone, everywhere and not "just" a God in the way most of us think of Him. So many facets to Him...truly beyond our imagination or power to understand. But the book for some reason answered questions we all have....

    The love, compassion and caring He has for each of us is so wonderful! And although we can ask "why" a million times over, we know He has a PLAN! Something I really needed to remember this week...and didn't...being the human that I am! LOL...It's sometimes hard to feel His love when we are hurting. That's when friends are so important, and why I love this board. Friends carrying on for us when we feel we can't. He hears all and knows all....and feels all! Oh, the hurt he endures for us.....