Christmas Ideas CHEAP but PRICELESS

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  1. kiki2three

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    We were talking in chat room tonight and there are a lot of chatters who are having a really hard time with Christmas this year. If you have any ideas of ways to help with Christmas, maybe thinking back to our childhood memories something we can do to help these parents. You know like hand made gifts, or ideas of what would be good gifts but not too expensive and a lot of people have kids from newborn to early adulthood. This is a lot of stress and any ideas would be appreicated.

    I'll even start with one idea, I've made home made goodies and given out as gifts, like cookies, candies, etc.
    Also if you have gifts or items you might have bought but never used recycle, or regift these to others etc.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday season,
    Love, hugs, and prayers,
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  2. larryh

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    If you have kids and need to give the grandparents a gift this is an easy one. Draw their hands on felt. Two of each hand. Then glue the edges together with Elmers Glue and a bit of stuffing in the middle.

  3. kiki2three

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    Couple of ideas for gifts,
    1st. fix a jar with lid and decorate it, on inside put strips of paper folded and on each one list either a memory of something u shared with the person u r giving gift, Or something you are thankful for. Give it to the person and when they want they open and pull out a strip to read, very nice feelings follow.

    2nd. Get a folder like school folder and write down recipes and picture of foods that were favorite of ur kids at ages u remember, ex. mac and cheese, and go on from there like if they ate ketchup on everything. Also put in family recipes, this can be added to thru the years and when kids are ready to leave home they'll have all their favorites to take with them.

    3rd, My kids loved this one, take the time to sit and write about them when you were expecting them, when they were born, small things as my kids would say from the olden days, your special memories of them and days gone by, how proud you are of them or what they've meant to you. This will be a keepsake for years to come and cost is priceless.

    Happy Holidays

  4. hugs4evry1

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    I have a completely free one I did last year and my husband loved it so much he just showed me his again.

    I e-mailed my daughter, son and husband each a Christmas letter called, "I Love You Because".....and then proceeded to list all the reasons why I love them.

    I was too sick last year to get out shopping...

    Gotta tell you, after reading hubby's for the first time again in a year last night, I was surprised at how nice it was and how wonderful it must have been to receive such a gift. I know he treasures his.


    Nancy B
  5. abcanada

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    I have 4 little ones under 7 and yes Xmas becomes a chore. Luckily they have 2 sets of grandparents who spoil them. None of them have even asked for anything yet. My kids seem to get alot of gradification playing with each other. A couple of ideas of mine are:
    1) Check out consignment stores-little ones don't know whats new
    2)Gingerbread house kit-I've done this the last few years as you can get then 1/2 price a couple of days before Xmas. All ages.
    3)homemade Xmas ornament-my mother in law does this every year.
    4)Family recipe book
    5)Homemade treats/candy

    I wish I could get myself in gear, but I'm quite sick this year too. I haven't done a thing yet! Take Care, Laura
  6. alymom

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    My 10 yr. old made a bunch of these this weekend, and they came out great! We bought unfinished wood picture frames (large border)at the craft store for $1 each and she painted them black (craft paint was 50 cents, but if the weather had been warmer we could have sprayed them, too). For another $1, we bought unfinished wooden letters. She painted those a neutral beige and glued one to the lower right corner of each frame. Uncle Ken gets the K frame, etc.

    It's a personalized gift that looks like it came from Pottery Barn, for only $2. And it kept her occupied all afternoon making them!
  7. kiki2three

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    Pine cone baskets

    Take pine cones, sweet gum balls whatever nature has for you, clean and let dry.

    Take left over scented candles and cut the black off of it and put in old pot with some water bring to a light boil till everything is melted.

    Dip dry cones etc in and out fast, as you take out the candle wax will cling to it. let dry, repeast until you have it as coated as you like.

    Place in basket, bucket, bowl, whatever and add a bow. Great way to recycle the candles and use mother nature's gifts to us. And smells great.

    Given to me by Peggy
    love, hugs, and prayers
  8. all4relief

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    Go to a second hand store and buy either a nice mug, holiday tin, or some other dish. Wash them and fill them with some pretzels that have been dipped in either white or milk chocolate, drizzled with red, green or white for decorations. Wrap with a nice bow or ribbon. Very nice gift! Little expense or work. Can also use brownies, cookies, nuts, etc.

    Merry Christmas!
  9. kiki2three

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    You need two waffle weave dish clothes, the same color, fold them in half, long ways, I use crochet yarn so it's easy to take a part. sew so far up for the leg seam then put them together and stitch the crotch seam. Run yarn around the top at the waist area and also at the bottom of each leg, attach the poem to each one.

    Now don't get excited
    and lose your head

    These aren't for you
    but your dishes instead

    If you pull out the yarn
    and take out the stitches

    You will have two dishclothes
    But you will lose your britches

    Or different poem

    Now don't get excited,
    Don't be misled.
    These aren't for you,
    But your dishes instead.

    Just pull on the bow,
    Take out the stitches,
    You've gained two dishcloths,
    But, you've lost your....britches.

    Hope you enjoy
    love, hugs, and prayers
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  10. Char412

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    Dish Cloth Angel

    Materials Needed:
    1 Dish Cloth
    Ribbon Etc.
    Poem Card

    Fan fold a single dish cloth lenghwise, then fold in half

    Twist tie a rubber band at the folded end to make head, twist a rubber band slightly at side of cloth and attach rubberband to make arms.

    Next twist a rubberband half way up cloth to make a waist

    Take a ribbon and loop around one hand, then head, other hand and finally the waist to cover up the rubber bands.

    Hot glue a ring on the head and also a small ring of ribbon for hanging. HINT*** you can be creative here and also use that small craft garland to do this or whatever you like, such as a small wreath of flowers etc, use your imagination. Just make sure you have a place to attach a ribbon for hanging well attached.

    The Poem to attach that you put on some kind of background:

    Here is a little Angel
    to hang upon your wall.
    She will help you with your
    and see that your cakes don't
    And while you are busy
    and other chores you do.
    You'll always have an Angel
    looking out especially for

    Hope you all enjoy this one they are sweet and don't take long to make. You see the form of it coming together after a while once you make one.

    Hugs to all and have a Happy Holiday!!!


    l. making a phone call to someone you haven't spoken
    with for awhile.

    2. write a letter/email.

    3. find a picture of you and a friend, add a little note
    of "memories" to go along with the picture.

    Season Greetings!
  12. mezombie

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    Take an empty jar and fill it with Epsom salts sprinkled with lavendar oil. Cover the jar lid with fabric, ribbon,whatever.
  13. darvick

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    I get either perfume or scented oils, at the dollar store too , been making these for awhile, and everyone seems to love them.
    Merry Christmas