Christmas In My Heart

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    Christmas In My Heart

    We needn't have a Christmas
    Like many people have each year,
    Caught up in the hustle and the bustle
    Of another business year.

    Look for a real true Christmas,
    The kind that warms you deep inside ...
    Like spreading the love of Jesus
    To the whole world, far and wide.

    Be sure to have Christmas in your heart,
    So our Savior really has His part.
    We want the peace within
    That a Real Christmas brings.

    To feel His love inside,
    Makes our hearts sing.
    May Christmas be in our Heart,
    Oh, Savior, be our Lord and King!

    © by Joan Clifton Costner
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    Thanks for posting this! I really needed to be reminded of what Christmas is. I work at Walmart and have for 5 years. Since I started there it seems like I dislike Christmas a little more each year. I guess I'm just a Scrooge. I need a Real Christmas.