Christmas Peace in Solitude

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by slowdreamer, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. slowdreamer

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    Its 5.40 p.m. Christmas Day is Australia.I am very tired achy etc but honestly I am peaceful..Alone and sick but hey I am not mad it is okay.

    Has not always been this way...Pressure is always on to be gay and sociable...well I am here to say..solitude with attitude is working.

    A couple of exquisite carols on my radio, a lavish meals on wheels delivery complete with bonbon from the neighbours and beautiful quiet punctuated with the best music..Over that some stimulating thoughts from like minded souls on the net.
    Lots of bird watching and a conversation with my tame magpies.
    Thankyou everyone on this board , it is a wonderful resource as we figure how to paddle our own canoes around all the prescribed routes laid down for us.

    Here's a quote,
    You were born an original.
    Don't die a copy.

    Nothing in creation is so like God as Stillness
    Meister Eckhart.
    Tired, will finish now
    Have a wonderful Christmas whatever state you find yourself.
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  2. windblade

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    I enjoyed hearing about your Christmas - and how you found things to appreciate
    - and really savored them.

    I also love the writings of Master Eickhart - they are so original.

    thanks for sharing such a beautiful description.

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