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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sfrazier, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. sfrazier

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    Sorry guys don't mean to be a bummer but Christmas is right around the corner and I have 3 kids to by from and a boyfriend and a kid needing to stay at my place cause he has no other place to go. Of course the ages are 17, 18, 19,21 and 22. The frist two are girls and the other three are guys. Of course I have no money and am living on 135.69 a week so don't know what I'm going to do. This will be the first year that I can't come up with extra money to buy presents. Hands hurt so can't do too much with hand made things. Any suggestion will be appreciated......SueF
  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Just an idea,,,,,But i think you can check with your area Churches and let them know you need Help with christmas and all,,,,,,,,The salvation army too!,,,,,They are there for families who need help!,,Call Them!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Goodluck sweetie!
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    Did I tell you I was born in Decorah? I must have; I tell everybody. Just like conversations in the non-virtual world.

    I agree w/ the above posters. The kids are old enuff to deal w/ economics.

    Can you afford light refreshments like popcorn and frozen (concentrated) fruit punch? Make some old-fashioned taffey. It's fun. When I was young we used to add to the fun by using food coloring, but it's not necessary.

    You can play games w/o any equipment except pens and paper; card games; board games if you have any.

    Have an old fashioned spelling bee.

    Play monopoly or Clue or some other board game. I know a new game costs an amazing amt of money, ($30 last time I looked) but somebody must have one in a closet somewhere.

    Play card games like 7up, whist, casino. You can get the rules from a book or on line.

    Get a small jig jaw puzzle at a thrift shop. Won't matter if a few pieces are missing. Work it for half an hour and then switch to something else before people get bored.

    Play UNO. You don't need to buy an expensive deck. Just make a list of special cards people can consult, e.g., w/ the play of a two the next person draws two cards.

    We played it when I was a kid w/ regular cards and called it something else: Murder your neighbor or something.
    Let me know if you want more details.

    Play charades or password. Only equipment needed is pens and paper. I bet young people today don't know the secret of "Black Magic". I bet most people here don't either.

    If people are in a good mood and want to have fun, they will. If not, no expensive gift will help very much.

    Good luck.

  4. sfrazier

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    sisland I think you mentioned calling the churches once and i was going to do it but forgot. i'll try to remember this time when i get off of here. fibro fog has been bad for about a week now.

    jaminhealth I know not to stress over stuff but I can't help feeling like I'm letting my kids down. I keep remembering what Christmas was like for me as a kid. The good news is that my ex usually sends money for me to pick out some presents for them and this year he said just to add my name to them too.

    rockgor i'm on food stamps so i can actually afford to my christmas dinner so that is no problem. Some of your ideas are actually possible. we actually have an uno deck so that could be fun. a real taffy pull sounds like fun but i'v never done that and not sure with my pain level if it would even be possible to cook up. i'll have to find a recipe and see what all it intales. I really think that would be a fun thing to do so research will be needed.

    Thanks for everyones suggestions and replys. i really do appreciate everyone taking the time.........SueF
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    you can get the rules to different types on line and print them.(make copies for each just google poker rules) you can get cards 2 decks for a dollar. you can get cheap red white and blue chips for a dollar or you could get the whole family a set to share for 19.99 on line(texas hold'em set)and hold family tournaments. these kids are grown. give them some credit. as to churches some may have an issue with gifts for "kids" that might be able to get clothes or something but it will be slightly dicey. another idea...i did it for mine. they love (dont ask me why) stories about when they were little so i made a book for each with how i felt when i got pregnat, when they kicked, special things (son is studying to be a music engineer and rock star(lol) so i wrote about funny things he did pertaining to music. you get the idea. i also told them my hopes and dreams for them and how much i appreciated all the special things they do for their mom when many kids wouldnt at their age. i dont worry about "final" letters now. they know exactly how i feel. they both keep their liitle book on the shelf with their other important books. it seems to mean a lot.most of all, get over guilt. you are providing them with love, a home and a mom. what else do they need?
  6. hugs4evry1

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    My Christmas idea is cheap and lovely...I did it a few years back and the idea still brings a smile to my heart.

    I wrote an "I Love you because" letter to my husband, son and daughter.

    I started with the day they were born and added special memories of them throughout the years and as each one is special in their own way, each letter was very personal and from the heart.

    I have to say, I'm sure it meant a lot to them too. I know I would have loved getting something like this from my parents when I was young.

    My husband still carries his with him wherever he goes...

    PS...This was done while in the midst of a particularly bad flare and I couldn't Christmas shop for them...I was just too sick to get anything done.


    Nancy B
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  7. Beadlady

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    this coupon good for one evening together playing favorite board game

    parent/parents will treat child/children to one afternoon in the park

    child/children will clean their room without being asked by a parent

    children will make mom breakfast in bed & clean up the mess

    children will clean out the refrigerator

    family will wash & wax grandma's car

    family will rake the leaves at Aunt Betty's

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