chroic constipation

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  1. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    I've had great results with Activia yogurt
  2. hermitlady

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    How long did you have to eat it before noticing results? I've bought it a couple of times, but never eaten it regularly for a long stretch. I get really const from taking Norco, pretty bad lately.
  3. campbeck97

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    I get very constipated since taking morphine on a daily basis. I have tried everything precriptions, exlax, suppositories,Miralax,fibers stool softner,senakot 6 at least each ni ght, enemas, even that liquid nasty bowel prep for like befor surgery.I tried milk of magnesia and the list goes on and on. All I usaually get is a bad belly ache and feel like i;m going to pass out right there on the pot from staining so hard. Sure thats not good for my hemmhroids or blood pressure. Come out of the bathroom times with tears just running my face amd completely exhausted. Thats the good days , other days I have to put on the gloves and digitally remove the empaction. Thats just miserable . I have been battling this problem for years....not fun The damn medicine I have to take to function feels like its killing through my bowels.Woud the actia yogurt help this kind of drug induced constipation? Please let me knowwhat you think. Thanks
  4. hi all,

    i have been eating a activia yogurt about 7pm at night, for four days now.i can report that im having great results too,im not constipated now.i can easily got to the toilet when waking up.

    i am also eating a pear too,i peel it first for me,these two things have sorted out my bowel problems thank goodness.

    i hadnt in the past, had much luck with prunes and dates,so im well happy with what im doing right now.

    take care,love fran
  5. stschn

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    That is good to know as I thought that the pectin would have to reverse effect. Hemp seed works well for me.
  6. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    I took it about a week before I noticed results
  7. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    I think Activia would help quite a bit, but doubt if it would be a complete cure. It's worth a try since it does no harm.
  8. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    acidophilus/bifidus supplements do not contain what's in Activia. Activia is patented. I tried acidolphilus before with no benefit. Fiber is quite helpful. I agree that apples are good. I find that Activia also works as a stool softener. I also have an internal hemmorhoid.