Chromium - what dose?

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  1. I am thinking of trying chromium for low blood sugar. Does anyone else take this? What dose would you recommend?
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    I have some chromium but don't take it....I believe taking Cinnamon powder caps and ground cinammon in my green drink and coffee and other things I make, really brought my BS down and last labs was a lower I'm taking less cinammon caps now....don't want to get too low....I don't have diabetes but watch BS levels closely.....I steer clear of sweets big time.....not perfect but very aware. jam

    Looking at the bottle I have it's a 200mcg cap and directions are 1-2 per day....also says if diabetic or hypoglycemic, consult MD. So do more research and again cinammon helped my BS concern....
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  3. Well, I have LOW blood sugar......
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