Chromosome damage/could this be a diagnostic tool?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GKTLA, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. GKTLA

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    I saw a program on Discovery late last night about Gulf War Illness. Wayne State University ran tests on the chromosomes of 5 very ill Gulf War veterans and the tests showed all 5 had more damage to their chromosomes than an average cancer patient and way more damage than a "normal" person. The researchers were very surprised actually at how much damage had occurred.

    I don't understand the science behind this but I was wondering if any of you knew why this test isn't being used as evidence of our being very ill for disability purposes, etc. Has anyone ever heard of this type of test?

    The veterans complained of all the usual CFS-related health problems.

    The doctor at the end of the program did say that the damage was enough to impact the veterans' health for the rest of their lives but not enough to kill them. He, of course, also said that there are no current ways to fix damaged chromosomes. I'm not sure how old the program was, but does anyone know if stem cell therapy is being used to correct this??

    It was all very interesting but not explained well.
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    it's very interesting that we are lumped in with Gulf War illness. There are so many variables to include/exclude.

    But, mostly, I can't believe that people who served their country the way Gulf War vet.s did are having as hard a time as we are getting good medical care but they are. That just blows my mind. Seriously, if you risk your life and your sanity for your country should you not expect to be given some kind of high quality medical care???!!! Argh!

    It just makes me crazy that people can be asked to give so much and then be treated so shabbily. What are we thinking?

    Maybe all of us who come down with ME have withstood dreadful stress, what do I know, but those who have served in the gulf or in Iraq or Afghansitan or VietNam or... Man, if you're going to ask kids to do that, take care of them when they come home! Take care of them!

    Makes me seriously crazy!

    Peace out from this life-long Peace activist,
  3. krock

    krock Member

    This sounds interesting. Do you know the name of the show? I would like to try and watch it.
  4. GKTLA

    GKTLA New Member


    The show was on the Discovery ID channel at maybe 1am PST. I think it was called "Conspiracy Theory"...some vets think the government knows exactly what made them so sick and are unwilling to admit it similar to Agent Orange/Vietnam situation- hence the "conspiracy."

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