chronic back pain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onnaroll, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. onnaroll

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    was just curious how many here suffer from stinging back pain and spasyms also stinging spine pain?also constant lowen back pain that feels like a wound down deep.I have pain in shoulders and neck but was just wondering how many have terrible chronic back pain like i do? thanks onnaroll
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  2. tonakay

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    Count me in, been fighting this for years. Just added Lidoderm patches to my arsenol of goodies. They seem to help a little but still have to take my lortab. I've had every injection going including having the nerves burnt but they grow back in a year...

    Just another lousy thing to live with. Aren't we a sorry bunch....LOL

  3. kimfibro

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    i have osteoarthritis in my lower lumbar area.

    in the past few weeks i've been waking up with horrible spasms. haven't been doing anything differently so am confused as to why the sudden INCREASE in pain.

    i've had cortisone injections last year 3 times but works for about 2-3 weeks then back to the usual.

    i truly need to go back for injections cuz for now have been using tramadol, rubbing vicks into lower back and using heating pad.

    i, too, like you out there use support to the lower back. even when i'm using the computer i add a smaller pillow to my lower spine. helps.
  4. msmac

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    YES, and one of the trigger points I found shocked me. (Got it from a book) Feel down the back of your calf (I did right one first) before you get to Achilles area. I found a trigger point that was referring pain into low back. It hurts like H when you find one, you will know instantly! Keep massaging/pressure on this and it will release. When mine did my back pain eased. Sometimes they won't totally relase when you find them, but do this several times a day, and it should release. (If you have one!) I did not know that any referred pain could come from legs, so am studying and trying different things now. Yes to muscle spasms. The best for me ( I have been using about 1-1/2 years), has been to use strong muscle relaxer Z..flex at night. Then am not so groggy during day, and this usually keept back in check. Mine have been so bad over the last 9 years that they have caused scoliosis... One more thing that can help: With hands on hips, slowly carefully stretch back backwards, just a little. Sometimes this stops spasms in their tracks. Best wishes!!
  5. lovethesun

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    I was thinking about babies and how they suck their thumbs when distressed.I thought that that must release something to comfort them.I tried pushing my thumb on the roof of my mouth.It works!you can feel relaxation coming over you!I hope you guys don't think that I'm too strange
  6. BlueSky555

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    I have lower back problems which began after neck/shoulder problems. Lower back: lumbar spondylosis. (I just responded to the moist-dry heat question.) I use moist heat on the lower back along with pain med. I have not had any surgery on the lower back and hope I never have to experience it. I do not have the stinging but do have the deep wound feeling. Also very painful to bend over, which I try not to do as much as possible. The pain runs down my legs, which is not good. I found that laying flat on the floor for a few minutes relieves some of the pain temporarily. Hope this helps you.

  7. livin4him

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    Mine is esp. bad when I get up out of bed - have to directly go to heating pad for 1 - 2 hours before moving. This is when I do my devotional time.

  8. kriket

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    Yes, I have that too. Sometimes it feels like your back just locks up when you move a certain way. Sometimes I will reach around and barely touch my spine to try to massage it, and it stings real bad. I just soak a lot in epsom salts with the water just as hot as I can stand it.
  9. tlc8858

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    I was actually diagnosed with the fm while being checked out for the back pain. I have degenerative disc disease and have found no relief at all. I am debating now whether to go and see about surgery or not. It's bad enough having to deal with the fibro pain, but adding the back pain to it is almost more than we should have to handle
    Hugs Tammy