Chronic bacteria infection.

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    Does anyone have my problem? I have a chronic staphylococcus infection that is in my blood and nasal/sinus. The infection has caused me to have severe CFS/FM problems for many years. It has atypical staph characteristics such as slow growth making it almost impossible for clinical laboratory to culture and identify with their current methods. Because of this, I was forced to culture it using advice from a microbiologist who is now testing it for exact species identification. Because of its unusual characteristics the infection is very antibotic resistant and I would like to hear from those who have had successful or unsuccessful treatment.

    Stillkicking (just barely)
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    You might want to try supplementing with Berberine Complex. It is composed of Barberry (Berberine vulgaris),
    Oregon Grape (Berberis aquifolium), and Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis). Berberine has demonstrated significant antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, helminths and chlamydia.
    It comes in tablet form.

    I had been on daily dosing of antibiotics for years, to prevent recurring bacterial infection. I began Berberine Complex, as the bacteria, had become antibiotic resistant after being treated for 30 yrs., and secondly I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Systemic Candiasis, from overgrowth of candida (fungal yeast) due to the antibiotics killing off all the beneficial flora in my digestive system.

    The Berberine Complex has done well for me with the chronic bacterial infections, and the fungal overgrowth, and I have even repaired the IBS with probiotics to replace the good flora in the gut. You should definitely be taking probiotics with your history of antibiotic therapy, too.

    Best wishes,

    Ohh, as a side note, you might ask the microbiologist not only concentrate on bacterial culture, but check for fungal growth, as well. Candida, or yeast infections not only occur in the gut, vaginally, and in the mouth (as thrush), but recently have been found to be a culprit in chronic sinus infections. Some who have been treated with antibiotics aimed at bacterial infections have now found that fungi is the infecter, and cleared the chronic condition up with anti-fungals. It's possible you could have a bacterial as well as a fungal infection. I cannot take RX anti-fungals....they make me very ill---thus I used the Berberine Complex to battle both fungal infection and bacterial infection.[This Message was Edited on 05/10/2003]
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    Sorry to hear you are suffering so badly, right now you must be feeling very desperate, specially as you`ve been told that ABX (antibiotics) are not going to work.

    There are some here who have been on ABX for months, and feel better but still not cured.

    Last year my daughter had ABX for a Mycoplasma bacteria, She was still ill 10 months later, till I gave her a natural Antibiotic OLE (Olive leaf Extract)- within 6 weeks her energy levels increased dramatically.

    Many here have found OLE has brought rapid relief to their chronic sinus problems, which came as a complete surprise as they had started for other reasons.

    OLE is not expensive, & comes in easy swallow capsules.

    It`s a powerful Antibacterial/Viral/fungal & Parasitical product. I am sure you will benefit from this product.

    If you are considering this please read up on it first, because you will experience flu like symptoms & headache in the die off period.
    I will bump an article I have to the front page for you.

    If you want to look at past posts on anything, enter the name or whatever in the box at the top in "Search Messages" and browse through the list till something interests you and click on it.

    Wishing you better health soon.

    Love Pat.
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    I had a staph infection resistant to antibiotics in my armpits for two years. It was assumed to be caused from a contaminated sample of deodorant I received in the mail. I probably used it after shaving and it entered my body through a small nick.

    Anyway, one of my docs finally scraped some pus (sorry) from several of the lesions and sent it in for a toxoid to be made from it. I was injected with this staph toxoid for months to slowly cause the immune system to start attacking it in my body. It eventually worked and the rash went away. I suffered horrible from this. Even today, if I have a close call in traffic which gets my adrenalin pumping, my armpits will burn and itch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you all for your kind messages. I will look into the Berberine Complex and Olive leaf extract as a potential treatments. My problem isn't fungal, but the staph in the blood. No one should have staph of any species in the blood and I can't just try to suppress it anymore. It's important to eradicate it completely. There may be more than one way to do this and I'm willing to be openminded because sometime ordinary people know what will work best.

    When doctors give antibotics in a dosage not strong enough or long enough, staph may mutate into a chronic form very antibiotic resistant. MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph. Aureus) is a increasingly serious problem. A new study show that 1/3 of those rehospitalized within 18 months for MRSA die..... and I don't feel lucky.

    A combination of treatments, which may include antibiotics, specific vitamins, minerals, & herbs, may be the best way to eradicate it quickly and without serious side effects. Since doctors don't know what to do ... we have to help ourselves.
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    My daughter started with it from sitting on Life Guard chair. Then I got it, never thought about the razor thing,I know she used mine. It got rally bad,painful. I moved had no insurance then,even though I kept Kaiser so I had something, they were not here. Anywho finally after 2 yrs. it left on it`t own. We all carry staph and strep in our bodies, just when it gets activated it is a pain in the arm pit or wherever..
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    showed that large numbers of CFIDS people had a specific staph infection, which starts in the sinuses, and then gets in to the digestive system; in Sweden researchers vaccinated a group of them annually against the infection, and half of the people got well enough to get back to work (after having been out of work for some time).