Chronic constipation and leaky gut?

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    I have FMS and along with that many symptoms most notable are chronic constipation, frequent thirst and frequent urination. Have read several articles that ties these symptoms to leaky gut which has been considered by some as being a cause of FMS/CFIDS. Anyone out there read the same info. and if so what treatments should one pursue. I am oh so confused an what steps to take next. Have taken many supplements, anti-depressants, pain meds, acupuncture, PT and have seen a naturopath, osteopath, rheumy among others and no one has mentioned looking into leaky gut or treating it. Anyone out there successfully treat leaky gut and impored their overall health? I am very curious to hear your opinions. Thanks!
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    along with the symptoms you described. My doc referred me to a gastroenologist. After explaining all my symptoms to the gastro doc, i am now scheduled for colonoscopy and Endoscopy. Hopefully these procedures have good results, i'm wondering if maybe some meds are making me sick to my stomach, constipated and all. Maybe you can mention all your symptoms to your doc and see what doc suggests for you. Hope this is a bit of help for you, i'm sure you'll have alot more opinions here too.


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    Hi Annade,

    sorry to hear you are having such a hard time getting treated for your symptoms. I had chronic constipation and leaky gut for years, I took laxatives daily for over a decade but I finally found a doctor who treated leaky gut and constipation and I'm pleased to say my gut is a lot better now. My GP diagnosed me with leaky gut and treated it with a whole regime of things. Firstly he identified my food allergies and I cut those things out. Then he gave me a few supplements: a probiotic 3 times a day which has millions of good bacteria for the gut, a supplement specifically for leaky gut called 'intestamine' which has the specific amino acid glutamine (important in gut repair), aloe vera and slippery elm among other things. I also took a psyllium/slippery elm powder twice a day for constipation. And I added two tablespoons of linseeds to my breakfast cereal. It was no quick fix but after a few months I began to wean off the laxatives and now only very occasionally get constipated. The extreme nausea also improved slowly over time. Good luck, I know what an awful thing it is to live with, hope this helps. xx
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    Please explain what is this? How do you know if you have it?

    I get GI symptoms all the time, especially this queasy nausea feeling. Just had a stool test for h-pylori which was negative. I did have h-p back in 2004 and treated with abx.

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    when flair-ups occur, i take digestive enzymes and i put psyllium in a blender drink. i almost always keep pro-biotics in my daily regimen. my diet is squeaky clean now (no sugar, no refined flours of any kind, carbs mainly from vegs and fruit. it's a protein, vegs, fruit diet with yogurt, oatmeal, eggs twice a week. no alcohol. lots of salads. restricted fat (2 TBsp/day olive oil/sugar free salad dressing).

    my innards are doing pretty well. i think diet and pro-biotics are of crucial importance in getting and keeping guts working optimally.

    i took pectin for a while when my guts were in turmoil, along with pro-biotics, and it seemed to help calm things down.

    it is a misery dealing with this when it gets bad. good luck-

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    Leaky gut syndrome is when the lining of your gut (small intestine) is damaged so that instead of absorbing only the nutrients from what you eat, it allows other, larger particles into your system that might be toxic or waste products. This in turn puts an extra load on your liver as it has to constantly detoxify your system. I had a special test done through a lab (here in Australia which i had to pay for myself), in which they gave me something to drink that your body should not absorb and then test your faeces to see if it has been absorbed or not. This showed I had leaky gut. The main symtoms for me were extreme nausea, made worse after eating, constipation and weight loss. See above for my treatment (which is working), also I forgot to say that I take digestive enzymes with each meal which have also helped my constipation.
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