Chronic cough anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LauraLea, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    I have a continuous chronic chough and clearing my throat especially right after I eat or drink ANYTHING. It sounds like I’ve been smoking for 40 years. Although it doesn’t really bother me that much people are always asking if I’m catching a cold.

    It also happens every time when I first lay down. My husband always asks if I’m getting sick – LOL he means other than the Fibro.

    Anyone else have this????
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    and cough a little when I first get up in the morning~
    I am a smoker,so I was'nt sure if its a smokers cough???its not bad tho just a little bit.I have more of the excess mucus or something that makes me clear my throat more often than normal.I'm not sure if its related to the FM??I always thought it was nasal drip??
    I take sudafed almost daily!!!
    Take care!!
  3. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    I don't smoke I'm not sure if I made it sound like I do.
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Yes, I am always clearing my throat, when I wake up, either a nap or in the morning, I do cough.

    I do have a post nasal drip nights. I changed my sheets and pillow cases to all cotton, and I wash them in Woolite only. This has helped a great deal with the laying down bit.

    Almost all kinds of cleaning materials, going in stores, especially Home Depot, Low's, and purfume counters will cause me a fit of coughing a constant fhlegm that won't come up but causes a tickling in the throat.

    My husband finally gave up asking if I was coming down with something, this has been going on for 20 years now!

    I think a lot of FM/CFS's have this problem.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. Teddifromindy

    Teddifromindy New Member

    Dear LauraLea,

    I have the same symptoms and I was referred to an ear, nose and throat doctor and diagnosed with gerd, or esophageal reflux disease. There are medications (proton pump inhibitors) such as prevacid that can help eliminate this symptom. It usually takes a few weeks to see complete results. If you are able I would suggest asking your primary doctor about the possibility of this or go to an ent doctor. I have read and been told that the symptoms sometimes mimic sinus/post nasal drip and so therefore might go undiagnosed. Also you can take over the counter meds such as zantac. Hope this helps. Take care. Teddi
  6. Nana2Andromeda

    Nana2Andromeda New Member

    I have had the same problem for about 4 months. Hearing someone else with FM has the same problem makes me want to talk to my FM doctor about it. I was going to bring it up when I saw the heart doctor next month or even the diabetes doctor in two weeks, thinking it was something I am not sure, but will keep you posted.

  7. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    Mycoplasma infections in the lung can cause a chronic cough that can last literally for years if undiagnosed (No other symptoms are neccesarily present). I'm not saying this is what you have, but an x-ray and errythromycin...(if your Doc is up for it) will confirm and clear it up if that is the problem.

    My mom, son and I have all been through this!

    Hope it gets better!

    Susan B.
  8. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    But I do smoke, I used to not hardly smoke at all but since this dd took over my life in May and I am not working any more as of June 1 this year I smoke a lot more.
    I just figured it was due to my smoking. I am doing some consulting work for my church right now as a volunteer, I was there today for a few hours and during the course of my project today I was speaking to a vendor and she was telling me of her hubby's very rare esophagus cancer, quite a story but I do worry about this symptom as well as all the millions of others, my throat always feels so darn full. Like I have major inside swelling. I dread the thought of quitting smoking tho as I am so addicted now to my stupid cigarettes. I guess I deserve what I get. It is embarrassing tho, and of course my family all says when I do that all the time "if I would just quit smoking......." and that is about as welcome to me as the people who say "You just need to go do something, you would feel better".

  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I hear ya with the peoples comments!! I get them too and it makes me want to rip them a new a**hole!! oops....sorry!
    it slipped.
  10. Sindy-Uk

    Sindy-Uk New Member

    I have had chronic cough for about 8 years. I cough when I eat toast, biscuits and several other things. I also cough when I am on the phone or talk generally and when I first lay in bed. 5 years ago they checked to see if I had any throat polyps and did chest x-rays. They found nothing . They thought it could be asthma and gave me inhalers, which never worked.
    As Susan-B said above, it could be due to the Mycoplasma infection I have been diagnosed with. I am hoping to start the treatment next month and hope it can get rid of the cough eventually.