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    Hi, I have been diagnonsed with fibro for a little over a year, feel like I have had it much longer. I am a smoker and the meds I take are effexor for deppresion, trazodone for sleep, Ic morpine slow realese tabs 15 mil 1 in morn 1 at night, vicodin for breakthrough pain 3 to 4 a day. I have been on the morpine for about 3 months, I have always had a chronic cough through out the years and have had many chest x-rays that have come back normal.

    I am starting to get nervous because my cough is worse and I feel like I can not get enough breath alot latley. I have not had a chest exray in over a year. With the fibro I have had some really bad bouts of exhaustien sorry can't spell, but it seems since I have been on the morphine my pain is finnally under controll. still get pain when I over do it, but I can live with this.

    I have not been diagnosed with cfs but I am wondering if the crhonic cough I have had ever since I was a kid, and the tirdness is a smypton of cfs. Or if it is the meds that is given me shortness of breath and makeing my cough worse. I am so afraid to tell anyone about this, because I am so addicted to ciggeretts, I have quit before but gone back and I really feel this is one thing I have left. I know people who don't smoke can look at this and say are you crazy just quit you are killing yourself. But I truly don't know if I can do it.

    If anyone has answeres on the cfs or the meds I would greatly appreciat any input. I hope you all have a wonderfull and painfree weekend hugs Barbara
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    I've got FM, and what I've found is that when my symptoms flare up worse, then the chronic cough (yes, I've got that too) gets worse as well. In my case I'm sure it's not due to smoking, as I've never smoked, and am also sure it isn't medication-related, as it started before I got the FM diagnosis and any medications for it.

    I do know how hard the cough can be to live with -- I've been dealing with it for about 7 years myself.

    Have you considered asking your doctor for asthma medications? I'm on Advair twice a day, and have found that it does help with the coughing. I can even walk past a candle store or a coffee shop without a coughing fit now.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,
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    I had a coexisting condition with my fibromyalgia called sarcoidosis. It is a lung condition. At the same time, my fibromyalgia caused crushing pain to my chest. I often felt like I couldn't breathe.

    You haven't said if you have been tested for lung function. If not, you really need to ask to see a pulmonologist for any appropriate testing. There are a number of lung conditions, so what you are experiencing may be any one of those, or something else entirely. Of course, you must try again to quit smoking. You must every single day choose not to smoke.


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    I have FM and I have the same problem, Oh Ya, and I also smoke. I have been to the ER for this two times. Yes, and my oxygen level is fine when they test it. It''s bad when you can't get your breath. I take Singlair and use a Albuterol inhaler. This really helps, the Albuterol can be used when you need it. Smoking is really hard to guit. I have quit two times before for six months at a time, but when the pain is so bad, I end up smoking again. I think it helps the pain. All in my mind I guess. For the ones that don't smoke, you have no ideal how hard it is to quit.

    Hope you find some help,

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    I had your problem (& kept being told there was nothing wrong by my family doctor) and was diagnosed by live blood microscopy as having cryptostrongylus pulmoni (microscopic lung worms) that live symbiotically with borrelia. My last test was clear of worms after monthly treatments with Ivermectin.
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    I've also got the chronic cough and Lyme as well as being diagnosed with FM. Can you tell me more about the test you mentioned? And I'm also curious about whether this was this done by the Lyme Doctor or someone else?


  7. Bluebottle

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    I'm in the UK & the doctor used a high power dark field microscope, the sort veterinaries use. He sent out a thumb prick blood test kit & I posted it back to him. He found Lyme, micro-cocci on my red blood cells & these worms, which were not there in the second test.

    I was having difficulty breathing before the Ivermectin & antibiotics, which my family doctor said was lack of exercise! I've been bringing up what seems like pints of frothy white phlegm ever since treatment started.

    I think there's only one or two doctors in the US know about cryptostrongylus pulmoni, one being Lawrence A Klapow:
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    I wanted to thank you all so much, just for being here and listening. I come to this board everyday and read all your post, even though I do not post much you have all become a big part of my life. I have always had this cough and am so used to it, it is the breathing probablem that comes and goes shortness of breath that has been scareing me.

    I am so afraid there going to find lung cancer, I know I need to get over this and I will. My other fair is that it is the morpine which finally after a year in pain is under control, as long as I do not over do it. I do not work anymore, I get out everyday and walk the dogs with hubby, can do some laundry and keep counters clean in kitchen.

    I can't really do anything strenous like I used to be able to, I mean I can do it but then I pain for it big time. Sometimes I say screw it and do things anyway and it feels so good to get something accomplished. I actually feel like I am on top of the world just because I did something that I used to be able to do all my life but fm has stopped this. I do pay big time for this but that one day that I did what I used to be able to do all the time with no probablem is worth the pain sometimes because it remindes me of who I used to be.

    thank you all so much for your replies they have given me things to think about and I will go see my doc soon. thanks again and hugs to all Barbara
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    ...have you ever had trouble with asthma? Allergies? you mentioned you've had this for many years.

    I don't know, but my husband has asthma and Albuterol does help with the shortness of breath. Just wondering...seems too simple and probably isn't but another thought that might be an easy answer to what is going on.

    My best to you in this challenge.

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    I found out rather quickly when admitted to hospital for pnumonia, that i have copd(congestive heart failure, emphysema) do you swell? I went from coughing and shortness of breath that was getting worse over time to end stage copd..eye opener for sure am now on oxygen 24/7. please don't play around and don't think, it couldn't happen to me...yes it can. Good luck and if you have any ? just ask