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  1. anj211

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    I would like to no does anyone get problems with chronic cough. Wondering cfs is causing this i get very bad problems with chronic cough and phlegm a lot doc allways gives me antibiotics but still seem to get this.Sometimes the coughing fits so bad i cant breathe.
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    I have one right now in fact! Every time I get a cold I always end up with a cough that can last anywhere from one to five months. I have just started using Flonase again as I recently found out that what starts out as a cold can turn into sinus problems which can lead to the post-nasal drip and chronic coughing.

    I never had this problem until I got CFS. I'm always hearing that people with CFS tend not to get colds anymore, however, for me it has been the total opposite. I get more colds now, and much more severe.

    I find that after coughing for a couple of hours leaves me feeling very tired, out of breath, and aching. I always wonder what damage chronic coughing does over a period of time.
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    I have a constant chronic cough - even when I don't have a cold!! Lots of phlegm I can't loosen no matter how hard or how many times I cough or try to clear my throat. I can get it to move a little but then I swallow once and it's back to the way it was! I also have reflux which may be making things worse. It is worse for an hour or more after I eat.
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    Yes chronic cough can be caused by reflux but you may also want to look into asthma. If you are having alot of trouble with reflux disease talk to your doctor he may want to do a upper endoscopy (sp) to check if your throat area is inflamed. If you are not of reflex meds you may ask him about that and if you are maybe the dosage is incorrect. I would persue this as a chronic cough could mean alot of things and your Dr needs to get to the bottom of it. If you take meds and you have bad dry mouth this may affect it. Not a Dr so I am just going on what I had to go throught myself.
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    Have you tried taking guafiensen? cfs/fibro can cause a buildup of phelmg and a chronic cough.

    take it seriously my dad went untreated and the phelgm in throat was like concrete. They couldnt even get a tube down his throat for emergency surgery. The coughing wore him out. He ended up on a feeding tube.

    also drip from sinuses maybe allergies?