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  1. anj211

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    I would like to no does anyone get problems with chronic cough. Wondering cfs is causing this i get very bad problems with chronic cough and phlegm a lot doc allways gives me antibiotics but still seem to get this.Sometimes the coughing fits so bad i cant breathe.
  2. Mikie

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    Allergies can cause chronic coughing. Here in SW FL, there has been a lot of bronchial problems. Now, the trees are pollenating and we are all coughing. The docs are all calling this "The Cough of 100 Days." Even my doc couldn't get rid of his cough. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. daylight

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    I can say that I cough 24/7 but when I get a parochial attack it starts up. I have copd from years of bronchial infections and breathing in paint fuses . It seems that this is agrevated by my allergies and sinusitis. It like a continues circle. First sinus infection ,then the drip.cough starts , then lung get infected . Been using two inhalers daily that help some with breathing. Anti biotic only help me if it is from a bacterial infection . Which happens frequently due to the mold in our apartment.
    Mikie is right . An allergy test should help . It is possible that this is all due to allergies for you. But left untreated you could end up with copd like me . And this stuff really messes with your life.
    I had that you have the test done as soon as possible . Hope you feel better soon .

    PS , a little pepperment tea helps too. It's not no a cure all but it clears the sinus for a little bit. =)