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  1. kat0465

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    How many here has had elevated ebv titers on thier blood work & what has you Dr. done for it? My last bloodwork was elevated for ebv, im guessing that means it somewhat active? she didn't seem too concerned. i know viral stuff like that is common. but what can we do about it? is there anything natural i can take to get it down?
    And is transfer Factors good for this??
    thanks, Kat
  2. ladybugmandy

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    kat....if you have symptoms of CFS and your ebv titres are elevated, you could have active ebv...but you might have other co-infections as well. you need to see a specialist and get a thorough workup.

    for active ebv, you can take famvir or valtrex. i have tried transfer factor but it didnt do much for me. some people like them.

    good luck
  3. justjanelle

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    I have a diagnosis of Fibro and Lyme, but have definitely thought I have CFS as well (although my Rheumy claims you can't have FM and CFS both.)

    Anyway, I also have high EB titres.

    In my case the "new infection" numbers are normal, something called "neucleic" numbers are slightly elevated, and my "old infection" numbers are more than 10 times higher than normal (750 rather than 70).

    However, neither the Rheumy or the Lyme Doc thinks this is a concern or something that needs to be dealt with. I'll be watching the responses to your post to see what other people have to say about it.

    Thanks for asking the question.

    Best wishes,
  4. 3gs

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    I too have high ebv titers and one band on test for Lyme.

    All my doc said was he didnt know how to treat.

    I do feel better after having been on antiboitics altho the last time I herxed pretty bad. Looking for new doc no luck yet.
  5. mezombie

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    I have elevated EBV titers and was put on Acyclovir years ago. It made a marked difference (like an increase of 20-30 % in function). I was able to think much better and had an increase in energy.

    Unfortunately, this effect lasted only 6-8 weeks. We tried all sorts of ways to get the drug to work again, but it never did. I have tried it again over the past years without any effect.

    BUT...I am hoping to try Valtrex soon. I actually convinced my doctor to prescribe it (pending some new testing).

    Antivirals shouldn't interfere with antibacterials, so there's no reason not to try Valtrex or Famvir. Both are new and hopefully better versions of Acyclovir.

    I know Lerner uses Valtrex as well as Valcyte. I'm curious to know what other doctors use Valtrex without Valcyte. I can't find anyone near me to prescribe Valcyte, plus it kinda scares me.
  6. panthere

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    I have high IgM for EBV - active infection. I have been taking famvir and then switched to valtrex for the past 8 months or so...I also am taking Colostrum and Transfer factor, but don't know if they work. Overall, I haven't improved much, but there could be other factors for it (parasites...)
  7. thruvioleteyes

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    What is high? Mine are high/out of range EBV VCA IGM - 1.58, EBV VCA IGG - 2.67, and EBV EBNA IGG - 2.86
    I am just curious what other peoples levels are?
    I also have an elevated HHV 6 titers - 1:320