chronic fatigue and cancer

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    ok so two people close to me have had surgery recently due to cancer and both have been chronically fatigued for some time

    this highlights the fact that chronic fatigue can be due to cancer

    i wonder how many people get lumped into the ME (chronic fatigue) syndrome wastepaper basket and end up with wrong dx with possible fatal outcomes at worst or at best delayed dx and a worsened prognosis?

    we know that cancers can be caused by viral infections and i wonder that i may have an infectious virus that may be passed on and in some cause cancer

    we also are aware that wpi are finding a pattern of cancer long term and that there are cancers found in those posted on the cfids memorial list

    perhaps i'm just upset at the moment and thinking about this more than i should but i would be interested to hear what others think please

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    What kinds of cancer did these two have?
  3. you "would be interested to hear what others think" about?

    Cancer/CFS connection?

    It's been stated for sometime, in articles, on websites, etc... (included is the memorial list site)... that people with (Fibro) and or CF(ID)S, are seemingly at a (in some types of cancer, particularly) much higher risk of developing them than possibly if the same person did not have any illness.

    Also, it does stand to reason to me, that a person with cancer would indeed be susceptible to develop CFS/FMS- given the thoughts on what the causes are for all 3, cancer, FMS, & CFIDS (stress- physical, emotional, & otherwise... compromised immune system/viral trigger(s), environment, genetics/heredity.)

    I would say your ending sentence is correct, and also, understandable:

    " perhaps i'm just upset at the moment and thinking about this more than i should "

    You're human, I'm a HUGE, and *constant* 'over' thinker/over analyzer of things. Sometimes that is a good, and even endearing quality... lots of times, it also makes us our own worst enemies.

    Just in case you are interested, for your own knowledge...

    Of my mother, & her 3 living siblings (she had 5, one died in a fire at 42 (in 83?), another of a brain aneurysm, also, at age 42(97').

    Mom and both sisters have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, (on sister older, one younger) her only surviving brother, WE think has it, and we know a doctor mentioned it also to his *son* who is in his 30's now.... but, they treat fibromyalgia as if it is a b.s. excuse for losers, basically (YES- my uncle looks at BOTH of his own sisters, as well as his only 2 nieces- my sister & I, as "losers")

    Anyhow, I believe he has it too.

    Mom had endometrial cancer in 1995, and was diagnosed with fibro shortly thereafter, and could no longer return to work as a nurse. She did struggle with a $5 an hour job elsewhere, doing 'assembly' type work, for another yr or two, and then just had to stop, altogether.

    Her 'baby' sister, just had a hysterectomy last year, (diagnosed with fibro probably 5+ yrs ago), because, she had pre-cancer of the ovaries...

    Her brother lost the lower part of his right leg (below the knee amputee) to a RARE form of bone cancer, (less than 200 documented cases since 1913, according to everything we've found on the internet).

    Her oldest sister, has not had any cancer, thank god...

    Still, out of 4 living, 3 had cancer, or pre-cancer. All have fibro.

    I had a serous cystadenoma removed in 2007 from my left ovary- after SEVEN YEARS of absolutely inexcusable neglect by 2 different gynecologists (I fired them, went to another, and he scheduled my surgery at the FIRST appt, diagnosed PCOS also at that appt, and found endometriosis all over, during the surgery)... Now, this isn't anything huge, but* I did read, that first of all, the type of cyst I had, CAN turn cancerous, if left alone... (doesn't say that it's likely, but did say that those types of cysts can* and there I had one for over 7 yrs, and they would not even remove it after I DEMANDED they do so, and even after it grew some, the last 2 yrs I had it).. To also mention, it was found when I was 22... and it's most common in women much older than 30, upwards to 50's in age.

    Crazy, huh?

    I am sure they will at the very least start finding definite connections to certain things, eventually... hopefully a cure, but, before then, along the way, I bet they will be finding the specifics of certain genes, infections (specific bacterias, specific viruses, responsible or... not necessarily *causative* factors, but, contributors, to CFS=Cancer=CFS and so on.)

    I don't know, it's all a bit of a mind-blowing, seemingly never-ending, 'come full circle' vicious cycle sometimes.

    (See- LOL, I told you I think too much, ;-)

    I hope your friends/loved ones who've undergone surgery for cancer, are both doing well/cancer-free now?

    To say they "have been chronically fatigued for some time' does not sound like they have been officially diagnosed with CFS/M.E./CFIDS though...

    Have they?

    Best wishes,

    (Oh, woops, also, I realized in hindsight, that *my* family has fibro/cancer, but, I myself, am diagnosed with both FMS and CFS, and I am positive my mother has both. I can only make assumptions, or presumptions of both aunts/ my uncle, and being that my sister struggles very much so with bi-polar disorder and other mental health problems, it would be hard to say if it is CF(ID)S, or fatigue from depression, as, in severe cases, like my dear sis... it really is indistinguishable, IMO.

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    aintasgoodasIoncewas- 70% of cancers are caused by chronic smoking, obesity and alcoholism. These three causes of cancer also account for 90% of all heart diseases and their deaths. The rest of cancer is caused by virus, environmental toxins, genetics, and unknowns much like heart disease.

    How do you correlate these causes for cancer with CFS/ME/FM?
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    Cancer can cause fatigue, so this is possible. But the correct way to diagnose CFS/ME is to rule out other causes first. The other thing to consider is CFS/ME can lead to cancer. CFS/ME causes weakness in the immune system, which in turn can allow cancer to develop. For example, my natural killer cell count is low, and that is part of the system that fights cancer. I also developed two cancers after developing CFS/ME.
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    thank you everyone for your replies, both people are early days so i don't know within the last two weeks for both in surgery. one is a friend who i am very close to who looked after me when i was hardly able to stand or even sit up, the other is my mother who i stayed with when i was very ill as well. my mother also had a lump removed from her thyroid about 19yrs ago, and has as long as i can remember complained of fatigue

    i have had the tests by dr j howard which showed polymorphisms which he said indicated a slightly higher risk of breast cancer which my grandmother died from

    they had chronic fatigue for less than a year but nearly a year in both cases and were not investigated for cancer. i understand that breast cancer causes chronic fatigue. Especially in the UK dr's are apt to dismiss fatigue and not investigate correctly. if both had been investigated earlier they may have found the cancer earlier rather than being dismissed as chronic fatigue syndrome psychosomatic all in their heads. makes you realize how many more deaths this wessley white reeves school are responsible for as well as the connection with ME (cfids cfs)

    thank you for your answers and information, i feel concerned that i have been very ill when near these people and that with recent info on A. prion disease being contagious by saliva blood sexual contact that i may have given them a virus that has lowered their immune systems etc to a point that this is the outcome. also i have interest in any information relating to cancer and ME (cfids cfs)

    thank you again for your replies any links to research papers or any further information would be greatly appreciated.
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    i worry about this a lot too. it is true that people with CFS are more likely to get cancer. in fact, they are at high risk of lymphoma if they are left untreated (whatever 'treated' means).

    dr. peterson says it depends on how the particular person's illness presents.

    we have active oncogenic viruses so i guess it makes sense.