Chronic Fatigue and Hormone Issues

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    I was diagnosed in 2000 with Chronic Fatigue... I changed a lot of what I did in my health including NAET treatments (acupuncture & healing), etc. Recently (Sept 2012) I started to relapse, and had a saliva test done. All my hormones are extremely low, especially my dhea, progesterone, atch, estrogen, cortisol, etc... Is this something new, or is this even related to Chronic Fatigue. Any insight to this would be helpful. At this point, I don't even know if this is Chronic Fatigue related, or some totally new animal...
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    All of the hormones you mention are imbalanced in ME/CFS. Mostly because they are directed by pituitary - hypothalamic function which is badly affected by the immune system cytokine IFN-alpha which is elevated in ME/CFS. This is made worse by low levels of vitamin D. (Possibly even partly caused by low vitamin D in the first place).

    Your ACTH (adreno-corticotrophic hormone) is the primary hormone problem which affects your output of cortisol and DHEA (both adrenal hormones)

    If you do not already take vitamin D, you should.
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    Dr Cheney mentions that people with CFS are deficient in growth hormone. My IGF-1 came up low. I had a stim test conducted by an endocrinologist and came up low. I only made 1/2 of normal. See my profile with my test results. You should get that hormone checked out.
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    What Ian said is true. Your doctor will need to address these issues for you.

    I was helped with replacement therapies, though due to the fluctuation in symptoms from the ME, CFS, my dosages sometimes need to be adjusted.

    The good news is that if you get help addressing each area that is off balance, you should feel improvement overall.

    Best to you,
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    I have been suffering with hormone issues but my levels,including thyroid kept coming back normal. I found a new Dr. Who would listen to me. He told me I wasn't crazy and started me on a detox cleanse and DSF Formula to support my adrenal glands. I have been off all medicine for my fm for over a month and on my new program for 3 weeks. I am even sleeping at night? I was on lyrica, cymbalta, tramydol, and 3 tizanidine before bedtime to help me sleep, which backfired and through me into hot flashes. The Dr. Is giving me electrobe therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. I feel the best I've felt since I was diagnosed with fm 8 years ago. I would recommend researching fm and adrenal fatigue.