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    this was a great blog article. really nailed it. thank you so much for finding it and letting others know. i would have missed it for sure. really cheered me up & on reading it today. THANKS, sascha
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    Thanks for this link. I am one of those forgotten ones by friends and family too. Just making it all up, you know to get attention, --sure.. He would make a great advocate for us. It does take boundless energy which we don't have. Likely he knows that and would not even try but the piece was, yes, cheering.
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    yeah, I don't tell people in general about CFS - I did mention it to someone the other day because I wanted to explain why I could not be counted on to help with something (a project that I was saying needed to be done), and before I could even begin to explain what happens when I overdo it, this person immediately showed me her chest scar from open heart surgery. So she didn't have a clue about CFS and wasn't really interested in finding out about it - she's working (I can't) but she's got this big scar, which of course is very visible. I would rather have open heart surgery than CFS but didn't say that.

    Anyways, it's a good article - thanks for posting!

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    I have CFS

    Read my posts, I'm new!

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    I'm new, read my posts; be, friends!