chronic fatigue could be parathyroid disease

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    Just wanted to mention that I've been on several fibro forums over the years since i had most all of the symptoms of fibro and chronic fatigue.

    However one doctor noticed that for years my bloodwork showed a high calcium level.This is also called hypercalcemia.

    I had more tests done and it was discovered that I had a parathyroid adenoma (benign) that was causing all my symptoms. The pain went away within a day of the surgery which can be done in a very minimally invasive way rather than the old fashioned major sugery.

    It wouldn't surprise me if some here have this parathyroid just a suggestion - to make sure you doctor has checked your serum calcium levels a few times. Sometimes you will have high calcium with normal pth (parathyroid hormone levels) Most doctors do not yet realize that unless the pth is VERY still have hyperparathyroidsim.
    The number one parathyroid surgeon in the US is Dr Jim Norman of Tampa, Florida. He even has a website which explains the disease and the new high tech way of removing the adenoma.

    Please check this out...I did....and am now completely cured!