Chronic Fatigue gone after 8 years

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  1. Jeanellenf

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    I have felt it very important to post my cure for Chronic Fatigue. It seems that doctors don't get it, but I know those with Chronic Fatigue will. I eliminated Wheat/Gluten from my diet including other grains with gluten in it. 1 week before I did this...I could not take a walk or do exercise without being severely fatigued for 4 days. I had finally given up prior to this and thought I would just be unable to live without fatigue. There are so many things that have wheat in it that you would be amazed. I stated that I couldn't even take a walk and now I am walking 3 miles 4 days a week and lifting weights 4 days a week plus pushups and situps. The doctors can only understand Celiac Sprue which is caused by gluten attacking the small intestines. I did not have this. Gluten attacked my soft tissues and caused my muscles to fatigue easily. I hope that I help someone here, but do not want to give false hope to those that it does not help. Please at least try to eliminate wheat from your diet and let me know if you receive positive results. I have sent an email to the CDC to check on any studies regarding this. I am also a Registered Nurse.
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    I have FM.I have tried the gluten free diet for 2 months and did notice an improvement in my condition.(its a hard diet to stick too!!)I also lost 12 lbs in that short time!!yippy!! I have a question~ I have terrible IBS,bad cramping,loose stools,urgent need to get to the bathroom,etc.. Well,I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done last April.The Dr who did those tests said i did'nt show to have celiac,so thats why I went off my gluten free diet.I have to say tho that i felt alot better on the diet!(but the drs seem to think its not nessesary~)Do you think I could have a sesitivity to the gluten but yet not have the accual celiac disease?? Also if I go back on that there any gluten free bread ???I missed my morning toast is all!!LOL I think I wanna go back to this~
    Ps. I also gained the 12lbs back!
    Thanks for your time~
    I'm very glad it works for you!!
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    I wish this was my answer. I completely gave up wheat & dairy and my digestive system was so much better but still not good. Gave up everything grain but plain brown rice cakes and still no better. That was several years ago and I have gone from mild fatigue and major ibs to cant work any more and better ibs. We all have to keep searching because I think for many of us the answer is quite simple but very difficult to find. Am so glad you have found your answer.
    Gluten free products are available but I never found them to be satisfactory. It is easier to eat something else than a bad substitute. I use plain brown rice cakes.
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    I'm glad this is making a difference for you! I have FM, but no IBS symptoms, so it never, ever occured to me I could have wheat/gluten issues-----just found out I have this, plus a major milk allergy!! Since I'm just learning about all this, it'll probably be a little while til I see results (and yes, it sure is a tough diet, both the wheat/milk, and I'm also off soy, most nuts, etc). I'm cautiously optimistic that I won't see a cure or anything, but maybe some symptom improvement.....glad this has made such a positive difference for you, you must be thrilled you finally made the connection between gluten & fatigue. Hope you continue to improve!

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    My doctor flipped through my file during my last appointment and pointed out that I seemed to have felt best when I was on a gluten-free diet. I had forgotten completely that I had ever even done it! After that and hearing your story, I think I will try it again.
    Thanks. Pepper
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    Usually when we develop food allergies, it is connected to Leaky Gut Syndrome. It is very helpful to take probiotics. I can highly recommend the Jarro-Dophilus sold on this website. I have been taking antibiotics for more than a year without gut problems. I have been taking probiotics for years.

    After eliminating wheat from my diet, I immediately felt better. I pretty much eat nothing made with any kind of flour right now because I'm on a low-carb diet, but once in a while now, I can tolerate some wheat without it's making me sick.

    I'm very happy for you that our CFS is so much improved.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Jeanellenf

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    I think doctors only have wheat attached to Celiac Sprue and that is not what I have. It's a gluten sensitivity like an allergy and does not always affect the intestines. If you ever have heard of a person being allergic to bees, there bodies swell and they don't breathe well because of swelling to the throat area, etc. Gluten sensitivity causes this but not to the extent of an emergency and I think we walk around and because of the swelling is not as drastic the physician's can't see it. I do think you should have the blood test for Gluten antibody before you go off wheat. Mine was elevated and my doctor says if you feel better off it, then it's best not to eat it and I would have done anything to feel better and I never want to feel as bad as I have prior to the diet.

  8. Jeanellenf

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    I think anything that makes us feel better is worth a try. Some of the material I have read states that anyone with an immune type disorder should avoid wheat.
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    Regarding your gluten-free diet, sometimes the doctors don't know everything. My son was diagnosed a few years ago with Ulcerative Colitis. I asked his doctor (whom we since fired) if there was anything he shouldn't eat. He said no, he can eat anything he wants. Well, he got sicker and sicker - down to 95 lbs! As I said, we fired his doctor and got a new one. When he finally got out of the hospital, he totally changed his diet. No fast food, no soda, no junk food (chips, pretzels, etc.). He eats only natural foods. He is much better and is off all medications. Sometimes I think you have to know your own body and do what you feel is right, no matter what the doctors say (or don't say).