Chronic fatigue is ruining my life. What helps?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by petesdragon, Jan 12, 2006.

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    I am too tired to do anything all the time. My husband was away on a job for a week and I didn't have to move but since he is back I want to have a "normal life" after 10 years of this DD. Provigil makes me nervous. Are there different strenghts? I can take a caffeine pill if I absolutely have to stay awake (like when I watch my 3 year old grandaughter one day a week) I can only do that when my husband is here. But the next day after a caffeine pill is really a bummer. My doctor said my diabetes II and having too much calcium in my blood would make me tired. Who knew you could have too much calcium? I try to keep my diabetes under control but it is hard to know what to eat when you don't have the energy to cook. I don't like meat very much and I hate vegetables.I do drink V-8. I'm taking magnesium and L-carnite and it has helped with the brain fog but don't know how much magnesium to take or what form. Would NADH or fish oil help? I KNOW I am not tired or sleepy but my brain TELLS me I am exhausted.
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    Your adrenals may be weak, and if so, this will cause fatigue or exhaustion. I take adrenal glandular products I get from the chiropractor, they help my adrenals a lot. Also go easy on caffeine, alcohol and sugar, which are very hard on the adrenals. I don't know how regular docs test the adrenals -- my chiropractor did it by muscle testing, and I knew it was accurate because the adrenal glandular supplements helped my energy.

    Your thyroid may need help also, even if blood tests are "normal".

    NADH helped me temporarily, I had to take 20 mg. a day on empty stomach in the morning to see results. It was very expensive, about $70 a month. It helped me for about 10 days and then stopped working.

    I think fish oil and flaxseed oil would be good to take, you need the omega-3 fatty acids.

    I suggest you find a naturopathic doctor who can check these out for you, and help you decide what supplements to take. I think there is help available, but you may not get it from the regular doctors.

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    It is not a quick fix, however. The advice about seeing a Naturopath is very good. Without that kind of advice, it is trial and error. ( It may be anyway!) Often, our adrenals are exhausted as has been mentioned. The fish oils are excellent. Also are you taking anything for sleep? Getting some good quiality sleep is very important.
    There is so much good advice on this board if you can take the time to read old posts. I would suggest strongly reading some of Stormyskye's posts. Her diet and herbal advice is worth a lot.

    Good Luck
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    Wish I were able to "diagnose long-distance." Nevertheless, I, too, was told I had adrenal insufficiency without testing and wondered if this was: (1) a speculation, or (2) a "desperate doctor" diagnosis. If someone knows how the adrenals are tested, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you in this thread.

    Diagnoses: CFS, FMS.
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    I hope you find the relief you are looking for, have you tried any of the Fuze (not sure on the spelling, I think that is right) drinks? They are wonderful and full of vitimans, ect... (no preservitives) which we all need. They have some great flavors strawberry/guava is my favorite and sooo good and refreshing, I actually feel better after drinking one of these. Best of luck to you.


    Adrenal function can be evaluated in several ways by blood, saliva, and/or urine testing. Hope that helps a little.


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    Dear Petesdragon.

    I use Engystol N, a homeopathic preparation, and it really works for me. I don't feel tired at all anymore. You can ask your chemist to order it from -Heel.

    I have to inject myself with it because the tablet contains lactose and I'm lactose intolerant. I used to inject myself everyday but now I do it once in a while. So it really works.

    Hope it helps.

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