Chronic Fatigue or Post Polio Syndrome?

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    I am a fifty three year old female who has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Depression. Every day of my life I live with headaches, severe fatigue, and muscle pain.

    I am haunted by my past as a child.

    When I was about five years old, I was hospitalized for reasons I don’t remember. My older sister remembers my parents believing I had polio and at the time we lived in Los Angeles or San Diego California.
    I can remember being placed in a ward with several children in individual beds. What I will never forget is an event that happened while I was in the hospital. I was tied face down, both arms and legs and a nurse held my head down. I remember several doctors and nurses around my bed, all wearing surgical masks. I remember, needles going into my back not once, but several times. The pain was horrible and I was crying and pleasing with them to stop.

    When I was released from the hospital, all I remember my parents telling me is that the hospital used me for a guinea pig and there was nothing wrong with me. It was never discussed again.

    Both my parents are deceased now, and I have so many questions. Is it possible I did have a mild case of polio and they were in denial? How can I get answers to why I was in the hospital and what did they did to me?

    I have been in the dark for so long. I would appreciate any comments, opinions, or suggestions on how or where to start to obtain hospital records.


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    Welcome to the Board. You're around my age (I'm 52) and I remember the polio epidemic. I also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. It's a difficult illness to have, but there is a lot of support here and you'll get a lot of good information too. Regarding your experience in the hospital when you were a child, do you remember the name of the hospital? If so, contact them and give them the information and see if they can look up your records. If you don't remember the name of the hospital, try contacting your State Board of Health and see if they have any records. Maybe you were in a study regarding polio and you were a "control" subject. From your description it sounds like maybe they were doing a spinal tap on you. You certainly need answers regarding all of this. I hope you get some soon. Also, are you seeing a therapist? If not, a good therapist can help you deal with these issues and come to terms with them. Keep posting here and you'll get lots of help regarding FMS, CFS and how to handle the symptoms!!!!

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    Welcome to our board.

    I believe that these two conditions may basically be the same thing. I think we have some people here who had polio as children. It's a shame you were kept in the dark about all this. Perhaps if you knew the name of the hospital or doctor, you could find your records, but I'm not sure whether they had to keep them back then. I also don't know if there are tests which would tell you anything today because most of us have been exposed to the virus through vaccines.

    In any case, there is a lot of good info her and our members are the best.

    Love, Mikie
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    That sounds horribly traumatic, esp. for a child! I hope you can get to the bottom of it.
    I have had two spinal taps, and neither was painful at all. Also, they are done with the patient lying on his/her side in fetal position so the spine bows outward and is easy to get at. Maybe back when we were kids it was done in a more primitive way. I am now 52 yrs. old.
    My mother spent almost a year in the hospital with polio when she was a teenager. I watched post-polio syndrome come along and ruin her life when she was middle-aged. From what I saw, it is nothing like FMS/CFS. My mom was in constant pain, but it was only in her back. She had no problem working more than 40 hrs. per week. Her problem was in getting to work since she could not drive, due to one of her legs being shriveled up from the polio. She slept just fine, had no bowel problems or headaches, and no strange neurological symptoms. She wore a tight corset to help hold her back straight when she was up during the day. My arms give out if I type for more than about 30 mins., but she had no problems typing all day long, and she'd bring work home and type some more after dinner!
    Please keep us posted if you find out what they did to you way back then.
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    I am sorry your Mother suffered so from her post-polio syndrome. It sounds horrible. As with our illnesses, it is possible that pps may manifest itself differently in different people.

    We have had people here who were not sick with the polio itself but did have mild cases. What they seem to have later on is more like CFIDS which is triggered by other types of viruses.

    Again, I'm sorry for what your Mother had to go through.

    Love, Mikie
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    Welcome to the board
    sorry to here what you went through as a child hope you get some answers,
    everyone is wonderful on this board and you will always have someone to talk to here and friends keep posting
    ((((big hugs ))))))))) from the UK
    Loopyloo xx