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    I suspect i have chronic fatigue with my fibro and myofascial pain syndrome.....what type of sore throat do you get with it? does your throat get red and look like strep or a virus? or does it look normal but is irritated?

    I am also worried about lupus since i have a rash that keeps moving around my body. my upper body....

    what is the sore throat like? i also get the bulging feeling from swollen lymph nodes under my arms....only when i have totally over done it and am percocet and rest take care of the lymph nodes...

    yes, i have already had mono...when i was 32 for pete's was one of the many things that i had the triggered the fibro.....

    i am goign through a divorce and my stress level is sky high. my two sons are a handful and having them here by myself mon through friday alone exhausts me.

    with my luck, i will end up with more illnesses to add to my list....the reaccurant sore throats and the nasty rash on my hands, arms, chest, etc are probably signs of more fun to come....

    my husband is truly an jack hole.....leaving me with 4 kids, one with severe cerebral palsy....almost bedbound most of the time....after 24 yrs....and i have put up with his drinking all that time hoping he would hit bottom and get help....nope...he just dumped me....

    i really am struggling to find some crumbs of happiness right now....

    please, if anyone can help me with the sore throat thing, i would appreciate doc who has always been very nice, threw a fit when i didn't want to have a sleep study so he could justify rxing phentermine off label told me i was a difficult patient and i was giving up and didn't want to get better.....well, surprise, he is A GOOD FRIEND OF MY HUSBAND.....NOW HE TREATS ME LIKE GARBAGE! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO WRITE A BRIEF NOTE SAYING I COULD NOT WORK DUE TO MY FIBRO AND HE WROTE A NASTY LETTER SAYING THAT I NEVER ASKED HIM TO WRITE ANY LETTERS, EVER, TO SUPPORT ME IN GETTING ON DISABILITY...THAT IS NOT EVEN WHAT I ASKED HIM BUT HE WAS DETERMINED TO MAKE TROUBLE FOR ME, SINCE HE WAS GUESSING THAT WAS WHAT I WANTED TO LETTER FOR, FOR MY DIVORCE....AND HE IS CHARGING ME $75 FOR THAT LETTER THAT ISN'T EVEN WHAT I ASKED FOR!!!

    my attorney was mad at the doc and she is a friend of him and his wife outside of work...she said he clearly wasn't nlistening to me the day he freaked out and had his fit....he sounded like my husband that unprofessional....i am going to interview 3 other docs....i am so out of there....

    sorry for venting...i only meant to ask about the sore throats.....i am just so incredibly lonely and overwhelmed with a list of to do's that i can't get done...everything in the house is breaking and takes phone calls and repairmen.....and my daughter needs new pca's and a new home health care agency and a new ramp put on the house cuz the old one is rotting....

    thanks for any help you can give....Pink
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    I am so very sorry. Sounds as though everything is falling apart at once. I had a shrink who once told me it's OK to go into survival mode when that happens. You give yourself permission to do only what absolutely needs to get done this day. Everything else can wait. It's easy to look at everything and panic and/or get frustrated and angry, which is the worst thing for us. Identify what absolutely needs doing and make that the priority. If there are several things which are priorities, try to find someone willing to help. It's amazing how it helps one feel in control when doing "triage." Remember to breathe. When we are stressed, we tighten up our bodies and we don't breathe deeply. Take a few minutes to just breathe. I know it's not easy but a plan of action really does help. It's OK to feel angry at your ex but it's important not to let it take control. Take a deep breath and literally blow it off!

    As to sore throats, there could be several reasons. Many of us have stealth, chronic viral infections which reactivate when we get stressed or run down. EBV never goes away. It can become latent only to reactivate later as can all the viruses in the Herpes Family. When I get run down, I get swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat. I take Acyclovir when it reactivates. Many people with CFIDS/ME have scarlet crescents in our throats. No one knows why. Not everyone with CFIDS/ME has them but many of us do.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie

    LEFTYGG Member

    i know youve been through the wringer these last several months. i feel so bad for you. my dr charged$200. to write a letter but i did get disability. i have fibbro myofacial pain and every night my glands swell and i feel a sore throat coming on. then it goes away.

    speaking of a rash i hve one on stomach and underarms. it comes and goes. now im thinking lupus. i havent been tested in years.

    i hope you get some peace soon. love gail
  4. kat0465

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    You have your hands full! I'm so sorry your having such a rough time;/
    I can tell you I had a chronic! Sore throat for over. Ten years. And I'm talkin every day!!!
    I get what they call red crescents on the back of my throat where my tonsils used to be.

    Thank God,that's one symptom that's gotten better, go figure. Now I get the sore throat when i push, and then crash. Your definitely in crash mode, maybe that's why the awful sore throats.
    Hardly ever a throat infection, but horribly sore. I have chronic ebv,hhv, and lord knows what else.

    Probably part of the sore throat thing.
    Hope things are better soon!

    Take care, kat
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    I have been called for jury duty. my doc wouldn't give me a medical pass even though i am unable to be out of bed for 8 hours or what a day at court would equal....he said it has to be a life threatening illness.....this is after he yelled at me....

    i wrote a letter and attached it to the form, explaining my illnesses and mailed, of course, i can't find the rest of the form that gives all the information of when i have to go in, who to call with questions, my juror number....i have ripped my bedroom apart looking for i have to call the court administrator and say i am the one that wrote the letter explaining my physical and cognitive problems and i can't remember where i put my form with all of the is ironic, isn't it????

    about the red cresents on the back of the throat.....are they puffy? i have red bumps that kinda look like the rash that is going they are full of water....the rash looks like a goosebump at first, then it leaks clear fluid....and leaks, and leaks and then it gets a bit bigger with a hole in the center....a tiny dot..then, it opens up almost like impetigo but it stays small and round but bigger than it started....and they hurt so bad on my knuckles...i had a bunch on one elbow....the ones on my hands got deep craters and then they scabbed up and the edges catch on stuff... i used to get this in april and may but it would just be goosbumps on my palms and inbetween my 15 years ago it started , and came every spring but now they have changed locations....random areas....andthey open up....they don[t itch...i wonder if they are worse because my immune system is weaker...and they hang around all summer.....i am nervous about lupus since i have such stupid luck...and then the chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms are almost the same as fibro.....and now i have this reoccurring sore throat....

    mikie, i am definately in survival thing at a time, but i was losing it today....and then got a call that it is time to meet with my attorney and hubby's attorney and then the two of hash things makes me afraid....and it makes me sad all over again....i am afraid because he is really pushing for joint custody which means no child support or very little.....i have chosen to keep the house since it is remodeled for my daughter to get around in her wheelchair...and it is the only home the boys have known....i want to keep things stable for attorney is very confident i will get sole physical and i will get plenty of permanent spousal maintenence since it was a long marriage...24 yrs and i am unable to work due to my health being shot....i am super scared about money because i am 12 years younger and will probably live forever and won't have any, i don't like being alone....i like having a man around....i am afraid i will be alone forever.....and i am so sad that i can't keep up with my friends anymore and now don't have any.....and i feel like no one will ever want to be in a relationship with me and i will have to watch my husband going out with women and traveling and doing all the things he couldn't do with it up....he wants to live his life fully before he gets too old.....that is what he told me but the worst thing of all was he told me he never loved me, and that he married me and stayed with me becuase it was the right thing to do....i was pregnant.....i thought we were happy!

    i am having a hard time with all of this.....i am so lonely. i live in a rural area and there just aren't very many people in the dating town has a population of about 10,000 is really hard to meet people when you dont leave your bedroom very often! haha! actually, i have had a pretty good summer because i have been taking phentermine almost everyday. It helps me get out of bed....makes me WANT to get out of bed and i have more stamina and less pain....but if i over do it, i pay dearly when it wears off or when i collapse....but,i am able to go to stores and work in my garden and even go to church, if i am lucky....i don't feel good in the early mornings so church is difficult.....

    i wish i could move south but my parents are here and are in their 70's and i would not be able to travel to see them, probably....a move like that would probably kill me, having to sell a house and pack it up and, changing states would be a night mare for my daughter due to all the paperwork and funding would be messed up for her.....

    my boys are 12(almost) and 14 and they are a handful. they fight all the time and they resist everything I tell them....mostly the 12 yr is next to impossible to get them to shower without a fuss or brush their teeth....and my 12 yr old has a potty mouth....he likes to say jesus....or j.christ..and i freak at him....and then he makes up dumb things to call people....i have even heard the f word a few times and that makes me rise up out of bed and fly through the house to get after him....i have told him i will take him to see Father Jerry and i really should follow through and do it. he would die of embarrassment!! i did that to his brother when he was about 4....he kept saying i told the priest and he had a chat with was really funny!

    we even had our friend a police officer come to our house unexpectedly (for the boys) to discuss them riding on a six wheeler type for vehicle....which they snuck to do and the neighbor girl drove it....i FREAKED because one of my friends' 3 yr old was killed on one of those....the boys were much younger when the cop came over....the look on their faces was priceless!!!! he lectured them on the dangers and that is was illegal for them to be on one of those until they were much older....the guy was in his uniform and everything....

    anyways, my doc never tested me for lupus .....and he doestn' believe in the thyroid thing were normal is a different test result for everyone....i was at the low end of normal so he said i was fine...i think i have thyroid problems....

    anyways, on wednesday i have an appointment to see/interview a new doc.....he has been around awhile.....if i don't like what he has to say, i will interview a couple new, young docs....

    thanks for describing what the sore throat of CFS looks like!
  6. mbofov

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    Hi Pink - I used to get chronic sore throats whenever I was tired, stressed etc. (which happened to be most of the time). I think it was a combination of two things.

    One, chronic stress can deplete the adrenals and greatly increase your need for pantothenic acid (one of the B vitamins), which is crucial for adrenal support. I found when I added extra pantothenic acid to my vitamins, along with a good B complex, it helped with the fatigue and sore throats which were stress-related. Chronic sore throats are one sign of pantothenic acid deficiency.

    Then I think there was just another sore throat related to weakened immune system, I'm just not sure. Somehow over the years both sore throats have stopped. I think my immune system is stronger than before and I have a lot less stress. A divorce helped a lot with that. I had a husband who really did not believe I was sick, thought that if I just tried harder etc. or had a more positive attitude, I'd get well. It was extremely stressful being with him and am a lot better off without him. Hopefully the same will happen with you.

    Anyways, you are under a lot of stress so it might be good for you to get some pantothenic acid to take along with your B vitamins.

    It does sound like you need a new doc - take care -

  7. GeminiMoon

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    Dear ilovepink4: I am sorry that you are having so many troubles. Fortunately, we have this message board to share with others and get support.

    I have CFS and the minute I get this feeling in my throat, I know it's going to be a rough one.
    There are 2 things that I reach for the provide tremendous relief for me:

    Zand Herbal Mist Throat Spray. It contains Echinacea, Tea Tree Oil & other herbs. It provides immediate relief for me.

    I also swear by homeopathic preparations. My favorite is Oscillococcinum by Boiron that I begin immediately when I feel the CFS/Flu symptoms start. You can get it at any health food store & even Walgreens sells it now.

    You can also get other homeopathic preparations specifically for sore throats. Just head to your nearest health food store or go online.

    If you decide on the homeopathic route, be sure to read up on it so you can take them properly. For example, it's important to know that they are to be taken as soon as you feel the symptom. They are not to be used for prevention. This is why a lot of people say they don't work; they are just not taking them properly.

    Also, have you been able to get in to see the doc about the rash? I know it must be hard with all that is on your plate..........

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  8. Mikie

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    All I can offer is my prayers but I'm praying for you.

    The red crescents, if one has them, are there all the time, as far as I know. They don't seem to cause soreness in and of themselves. Sore throats, especially if accompanied by swollen lymph ,signal that the body is trying to shake off something. With all the stress you have had, it would surprise me if something weren't trying to make you sick.

    Hugs and love,

  9. wildflowers23

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    Take ZINC tablets it takes the soreness away. And you can gargle with warm salt water.

    BUT, the zinc tablets work like a charm.
  10. Iamwell

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    My heart goes out to you and I hope you find some peace of mind and resolution to your husband troubles.
    I do have some suggestions for your sore throat.
    I started to use Scope mouthwash since I get nasty tonsils (white spots and nasty tasting drainage).
    This is what I do I brush my teeth with Crest toothpaste with Scope. Then I gargle with regular Listerine mouthwash then I gargle with Scope Outlast mouthwash. I do this a couple of times a day. After a couple of weeks I haven't had any white spots and my breath is really fresh. It may take a month to notice a difference.
    The biggest thing I did along with this is I stopped eating foods that are high in sulfur like eggs, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and onions.
    Our mouths are full of sulfur eating bacteria that live deep inside of the tongue and when you go to sleep at night the bacteria have a ball eating all the sulfur and in the morning your breath is bad.
    Scope contains an ingredient called Cetylpyridinium chloride that is good at killing bacteria.
    I used to eat a lot of egg whites and broccoli and cabbage and onions and I love these foods but since I stopped eating this stuff I haven't had any problems with sore throat and icky tonsils. You can look up the list of foods high in sulfur on the internet. Sulfur foods feed the anaerobic bacteria in your mouth.

    Take care

  11. ellikers

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    Yep, I had sore throats A LOT when I had my CFIDS experience. Since I don't have those flares anymore, I don't get sore throats but my lymph nodes tend to get revved up when I'm stressed or in pain, and my throat LOOKS viral ALL THE TIME (even though it doesn't hurt anymore). It looks inflamed, reddish, with bumps of inflamed lymph tissue and veiny (in other words GROSS).

    The allergist told me it was due to my allergy to dust mites ... so I went on allergy shots and am a couple months into that. I'm hoping that it FINALLY goes away but wouldn't be all that surprised if it didn't.

    I could have a stealth pathogen that has just been beaten into submission and is super low level now. I'm full of theories but focused on the fact I feel tons better and have an excellent plan that helps me manage my sensitive central nervous system and keeps me active (such as RUNNING!)
  12. misskoji

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    When you were mentioning sore throats and rash, I couldn't help but think of Rheumatic Fever. I've had it myself, and it can be serious. It is a clinical diagnosis, but there are simple labs to help your doctor determine if you have it, an ASO titer, for example. Just thought it would be worth looking into.

    I'm so sorry for all you are going through. Prayers for you, stay strong.

  13. scotlandrose

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    I get that sore throat thing every once in a while. I had mono in high school, and got another strain in my 30's. I hate it when viruses mutate! I get the sore throat if i do not get enough sleep, or if i get really stressed out. Anti viral herbal stuff really helps and I take Immunivor, the on/off program Cheney recommends, and if i am on the "off, not taking them" part of the cycle, I will take one, and the sore throat will go away over night.

    i also get what i call a sore neck. It almost feels like a sore throat, but it is the lymph glands all swollen etc... Cannot exactly say the trigger, although stress can definately bring it on. I take the anti viral herbals, and that usually helps.

    Someone mentioned gargling with warm salt water, that helps, especially if you crush an asprin in it. Tastes like crap, but my Mom is a nurse and that is what she learned. I am from the South and i cannot recommend alcohol, but a small drink popular here is a "Hot Toddy" You can probably find the recipie on-line. That helps also, but again, it has a bit of burbon in it, guess you could leave that out, it would still work.

    I am a singer and any warm herbal tea is great for sore throats.

    I know my triggers for the "inside" sore throat (not the sore neck) and yes, it is really hard to stay away from stress, get enough sleep etc., but not getting them is the goal. If you are stressed, and man it sounds like you are, you can just leave a situation, hang up the phone, ignore the world and do whatever you have to to get enough sleep etc. I have had to "break up" or let go of several girlfriends I have known for years because they were emotional vampires. I loved them dearly, best-long time friends! When i got sick, I just could not ignore or "rub off" issues that I even used to have. Complaining about things that once even bothered me now seems silly in the scope of things. i tried talking to them about not being too negative, or complaining constantly about things that they could fix. I could no longer take 45 minutes of how much a jerk your boyfriend is and has been for 3 years. Life is really focused to us with CFS, break up with the dude already! none of them ever got it, and it was hard, but I am better off. Some friends and family I have told that specific topics are off limits and why. It other words, don't take me there (whatever the thing or issue is) because i will either get pissed, upset etc. and it makes me sick. That has made my life much better. And, yeah, sometimes I will let them go out of bounds because I can hear how bad they need to talk about whatever, but only sometimes.

    Hope you can find something to help your sore throat attacks. took me a long while to realize sometimes it was a real sore throat and sometimes it was actually my neck/lymph etc.

    I hate to hear when some one is suffering something i can really relate to. I HATE the sore throat I get when i don't get enough sleep. Cuz then, you have the annoying throat and you are grumpy and tired too!

    Good luck and I hope you can find a way to reduce the times you get them and find a good way to deal with them!

  14. curlycreek

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    When I get stressed from my family I get the sore throat. It got much better, healed almost completely when the allergist rx allegra d 24. It was the wonder drug, but went generic & doesn't work as well. Salt water gargle works 4 me. I'll try adding aspirin. Get the neck pain too. Can't figure that trigger out yet. Check out the allergy component, I was surprised I had developed them. Good luck.