Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic And Its Link To AIDS

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    Most of what I skimmed through seems to be true according to research studies I've read by reputable research scientists/doctors.

    If you decide in not reading it, just skim through the titles and pick and choose what's important to you.

    This is the reason they say that CFS is a non-HIV AIDS epidemic.

    Thanks for reading this!


    P.S. I just wanted to add a disclaimer in case. I only know what I can learn from the internet because my doctors tell me nothing and tell me they know nothing about this stuff.

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    Thanks for putting this on the board. I will read it soon.

    Do you have any knowledge about the credibility of the source?

    Thanks much,

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    Potential Animal (Zoonotic) Virus Identified in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy

    5/31/2006 12:00:00 PM


    To: National Desk

    Contact: Gail Kansky of the National CFIDS Foundation, 781-449-3535 or

    NEEDHAM, Mass., May 31 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Recent independent scientific research funded by the National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. (NCF) of Needham, MA provided preliminary confirmation of a new virus identified in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Foundation's medical research dovetails with that completed to date by Cryptic Afflictions, LLC (1), a private company.

    Dr. Steven J. Robbins, virologist and Chief Executive Officer of Cryptic Afflictions, LLC has discovered a major neuropathogen identified as an RNA virus designated as Cryptovirus. Substantial clinical and molecular evidence indicates that this virus is involved in the development of neurological disorders that include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) by the World Health Organization, Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and Idiopathic Epilepsy of unknown cause.

    According to the company, "This previously undetected virus appears to be of significant importance to researchers looking for a cure to Multiple Sclerosis and many other neurological illnesses. Antibodies to the newly discovered virus were found in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood of over 90 percent of the patients tested with Multiple Sclerosis. It is believed that this newly discovered virus may prove to be responsible for a host of neurological disorders. Tests are currently being prepared for tissue samples of lesions within the brains of patients with Multiple Sclerosis. This will be the final round of tests before approaching the FDA for approval of the diagnostic tests."

    Dr. Robbins' evidence includes the presence of virus-specific antibodies in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients suffering from these disorders, the ability of the virus to cause virtually identical disease in experimentally-infected animals, and nucleotide sequence data that indicates that the virus is pandemic and represents a single virus species much like measles.

    A recently published medical journal article suggests that Cryptovirus is most similiar to Parainfluenza Virus-5, a rubulavirus in the paramyxovirus family. Another rubulavirus related to Cryptovirus and Parainfluenza Virus-5, that has gained national attention for its large outbreak, is the mumps virus. Rubulavirus infections have been associated with encephalitis, meningitis, orchitis, inflammation of the testicles or ovaries, spontaneous abortion, and deafness.

    The NCF has conducted its own preliminary research into the potential role of Cryptovirus and Parainfluenza Virus-5 in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Professor Alan Cocchetto, Medical Director for the Foundation stated, "Our own funded research first confirmed the lack of a vital protein, known as Stat-1, in the blood of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Stat-1 plays an indispensable role in immunity. Without this protein, patients are unable to effectively fight viral and bacterial infections. Thus, the next logical question to be answered was 'Could a virus be causing this Stat-1 depletion?' " Cocchetto continued, "Parainfluenza Virus-5 is a virus that had to be seriously considered as a possible piece of this medical puzzle because it directly targets and destroys the Stat-1 protein." Gail Kansky, President of the NCF stated, "Once we determined the status of Stat-1 in patient blood samples, we knew that we had to look for possible evidence of Parainfluenza Virus-5 infection. It was during this phase of our own research that we actually learned of Dr. Steven Robbins' discovery of Cryptovirus specific antibody reactivity in patients with CFS." Dr. Robbins had tested fifty- six serum specimens from patients who had been diagnosed with CFS along with eleven matching cerebrospinal fluid samples obtained from physicians in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. Dr. Robbins had determined that 96 percent of the blood samples and 91 percent of the spinal fluid samples tested positively for Cryptovirus specific antibodies in these CFS patients.

    The National CFIDS Foundation's own research began to dovetail with that of Dr. Robbins. Scientists funded by the Foundation performed numerous tests for Parainfluenza Virus-5 that included antibody as well as PCR specific probes. Antibody testing provided some initial hints, however a PCR specific probe picked up the infection in a former patient of David S. Bell, M.D. and Paul R. Cheney, Ph.D., M.D., both considered well known specialists in the field of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Kansky commented, "Though our funded research continues in diagnostic testing, our findings have served to highlight the important work of

    Dr. Robbins and the role of Cryptovirus and Parainfluenza Virus-5 infection in CFS."

    NCF scientists utilized the NIH Genbank database to find the nucleotide sequence for a specific viral protein of Cryptovirus that matched 100 percent to the porcine (swine) strain of Parainfluenza Virus-5 known as the SER strain. In 1994, scientists at Bayer AG in Germany first isolated the SER strain from swine with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome. "This may represent a zoonotic process since zoonotic viruses are those that can be transmitted between animals and people" stated Cocchetto. Kansky commented, "Here we have what appears to be the same viral strain of Parainfluenza Virus-5 on two continents and in two different populations, swine and humans. Given that the NCF found Parainfluenza Virus-5 in one CFS patient in the United States certainly raises the bar." The Foundation is currently funding further research.

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has several ongoing grants in the Parainfluenza Virus-5 field. Currently, however, there is only one U.S. scientist specifically funded for research on the SER strain of Parainfluenza Virus-5 by the NIH.


    (1) "Limina Biotechnologies, Inc. is a recently formed subsidiary of Global Medical Technologies, Inc. that was established for the purpose of merging Cryptic Afflictions LLC and Global Medical Technologies, Inc. It is the intent of management to spin off this newly formed corporation once the merger is completed so Limina can raise capital through its own IPO," according to the company's website,


    Founded in 1997, the National CFIDS Foundation has grown to become the largest, all-volunteer patient organization of its type in the United States. The Foundation has no paid employees and is funded solely by individual donations for the primary purpose to fund medical research into the cause and treatment and/or cure of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS/CFS).

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    Good article. There is a book out called " The Virus within: the coming epidemic" by Nicholas Degush. It says pretty much the same thing except in the book he pretty much say's that it's HHV-6 that's the big culprit.

    Being Dx'd with HHV-6, it's always lovely to know just how bad it is. But that also explains so much of what's wrong with me.

    Life isn't for sissy's! Hang in there.

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    I have a friend at my office whose partner died recently of aids related illness. Since my son has been ill, I've had a few conversations with him regarding the treatments, or lack there-of for his condition. There are a lot of similarities.
    Of course, it is the 'virus' word. Since the doc's don't know much about many of them, how they affect us, or how to treat them, it doesn't surprise me that they all basically do the same things to susceptible individuals. Or that they all might be a different strain of the same original virus. or accumulation of virus's and/or bacteria.
    Thanks for the posting.
    I'm only on about page 8.

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    I will have to look into this, it is very interesting! Thanks for posting this!
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    so you still researching, seems like.....
    i guess than that the antivirals where not the whole sulution to your problem?

    glad you posted this, thats what i was saying all along.
    and thats what australien research groups have been saying since some time know.

    who is this ostrom?
    where did you get this from?

    HHV-6 is an intresting topic. i am reading in the moment a lot about the brain and central nerous system and there is where HHV-6 seems to play a big part!

    still i think we have to be carefull to jump to conclusions, after all , we just dont have the full picture yet! the body is such a complex system, i am amazed, the more i study, that we are alive at all!

    love an hugs karina
  8. karinaxx

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    can just check the url to know where you got it from!!!

    ciou karina
  9. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    This DX wouldn't suprise me at al. But will there be a cure of treatment?
  10. phoenixrising2

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    I remember reading about "America's Biggest Cover-Up: 50 More Things Everyone Should Know About The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic And Its Link To AIDS" a long time ago. It was written in 1993. I think she worked for Rolling Stone Magazine (please correct me if I am wrong).

    I must go back and read it again. I remember I was very interested in it at the time.


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    something OR did i? HHV-6 is considered as an oppurtunistic (SP?) virus, meaning it pops up in any illness, where there is an immune problem.
    it is not considered to be the main culprit and for example is also present in 60% of MS patients and even in Autistic children.

    i nearly finished reading it and it summarizes very well the problems discovered in the research in to CFIDS.

    ever wondered why the world health organisation has classified ME under Neurological Immune Dysfunction ?

    it is worth looking into the mechanism of the brain, central nervous system and so on.

    The function of the Immune System depends a large part on Interleukins and the communication (cytokins)from the Hypothalamus/Thalamus which is situated in the Brain.
    for example the IL 12 stimulates the NK cell , interleukins elicit Fever and ACTH (we all complain that we never get fever?)and there is much more. i just begin to understand this, so i dont know how good i explained this here, but as i said, it is worth while looking into it.
    there is just now a study going on in Switzherland which is looking into the role of the Thalamus!!!

    personally i feel, that that there is some brain damage here going on, which could cause the immune dysfunction, possible caused by a virus and leads to an AIDS like picture. well, maybe i am also totally wrong.



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    or vaccinations in general from some English ME research.
    not about the contamination.
    there is something intresting i discovered about all that, also about the use of certain ABX.
    there is research which implies that Bactrim for example has been found often to pop up as a trigger or worsening of ME. i researched that, because i reacted so allergic to some Antibiotics and after the use of Bactrim i colapsed completly to beeing homebound , the second time i started to have MS like symptoms after allergic reaction to another Antibiotics.
    also there i found an intresting statement on a site which explains adverse Drug Reaction and guess what i found?! If you are having Herpes viruses the likly hood to have an allergic reaction increases considerably.
    also there is ample info on the net about minocyclin causing Lupus (one kind of it)
    there is more about that, but would be to long to post it here.

    when did u post this about the contamination?

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    found it. will read it later, but basically the same what i read before about the Polio vaccine, i think...[This Message was Edited on 12/13/2006]
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    to remember.

    thanks for posting the link.
    i will check it later.
    it is some time i am checking into what AIDS research has and is doing, but it is a wide field and as complicated as cfids...........

    in the moment i am a bit brained out with all this research stuff and have to take a brake untill next year.

    ciou karina
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    Thank you for the site. I am planning on reading it with interest. It certainly is a different point of view.

    I hope you have been well.

  15. karinaxx

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    thanks for braking it down.

    couldnt i just rename her dancing finger????

    kidding, but the swiss just are not used to aprievations like you are. thats a typical USA thing. i dont know if you are aware of the jokes made about this in the rest of the world!

    and i am sure you must have send your darn cold flu all the way to me to india, i am also down with something like that.
    take care

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    Just read the article. Thanks for posting. Sure gives us all a lot to think about. Not really sure I want it to be true.
  17. klutzo

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    I tried to read the article, but got "the web page cannot be found".
    Anyone else have trouble with the address?

  18. karinaxx

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    hmmm, might really cause some problems.....
    i might call myself the tumbling fingers!!!just miss spell and typ everything possible way.
    imagen what a riot i might have caused in your office!

    have fun
    by karina
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    This DD is most definetly real! I have no doubt about that. I have read that there are documented cases of CFS back 50 some years. The AIDS epidemic started later. What does this mean? I don't know, just thinking about it all.

    If they are related, I hope the research being done for AIDS will/can help us.

    Sometimes its all just a bit overwhelming. I tried to talk about the article with my family. Bad idea, they really didn't want to hear this!

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