Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution, book by J. Nolan

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    I caught news of this new book last week in a Google News update. Evidently, this author ("Jennifer Nolan (health consultant, bio-medical researcher and former CFS sufferer)") suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome but healed herself after doing a great deal of research about non-medical options for treating CFS. Apparently she claims that CFS can be healed within two months, guaranteed! ;) Yeah, right. Anyone read it or know any more about it?
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    Nope, I haven't heard a thing about it but it sure sounds fishy to me. Although I think I have more FM and CMFS than CFS I cannot imagine any of these things being cured in 2 months. MY lack of NRG might be more of being worn down from constant pain for 30 plus years.

    If you hear anything about it Peedeebee, please let us all know :)!!!

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    Well it is another book promoted in the usual way. Along with her bok on curing CFS you get 5 other books on depression, positive thinking, Yoga and meditation, Building confidence and Motivation.
    Get the picture!

    Summing: she says: "However, there are much better ways to tackle CFS. These include dietary changes, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and exercise therapy. These help the body to heal from within, and not just mask the symptoms. In addition, these approaches are natural and free of side effects."

    Check out the webpage and you will see the broad brush approach. Then you will see how a cure for someone with ME is "rubbish".
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    Do these authors really think that we all haven't tried cheap, easy cures? Do they think we all eat as badly a possible, sit on the couch all day, and just need to be told to get moving? Do they think we are such morons we don't know how to lead productive healthy lives unless we read how to in a book?? It's an insult to the years of suffering that people with ME have endured, the hundreds of 'cures' they have tried, and the thousands (millions) of dollars they have spent searching for a return to health. These kinds of books are completely irresponsible and do far more harm than good.
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    Checked the Los Angeles library. It does not have a copy of this book. Probably because the author wants
    you to buy a copy. Well, that's not unreasonable.

    I read some CFS books years ago. No help whatsoever. The only self help book I ever benefited from
    was "Feeling Good" by David Burns. It's for depression. I read years many years ago it had sold
    5 million copies.

    If anybody reads the Nolan book, please give us a review.