Chronic Fatigue

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    anyone know what kind of treatments there are out there for CFS, Is there a special doctor to see, or test that should be done, even treatment, any info??
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    Were you just newly diagnosed? I see an internal medicine dr. myself for CFS,Fibromyalgia and IBS. She is basically a general practitionor with extra schooling and is able to do extra testing, labs and diagnoses more diseases than a regular dr. She also does my annual pap test and exam as well. She is the one who diagnosed my CFS. If you want to go the holistic route there are many other ppl. on this board who can tell you more about that. There is also a wealth of info on the web!

    Good luck and good Health, Julie
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    I have found approaches like a nutritional powder made from vegetables and brewer's yeast (nuritional yeast) that fed my bloodstream.

    I have found that most doctors I have seen except for a few unwilling or unable to diagnose me correctly. I have received numerous misdiagnosises over a 2 1/2 year time span. Be proactive, shake the dust off your feet, and move on to someone who gets it. Read books, articles, collect health information on your own. I have found that even hospitals, MDs, well-meaning, are not at the point where they can help ALL of my issues. Some yes, all - no!

    A key approach that helps many with CFS is that you should know what subclinical hypothyroidism is and read about Dr. Rhoda Barnes, MD. She claims that 40% of the adult population suffers from low thyroid. She probably wrote a book, and I know she has websites. She advocates keeping track of your daily temperature, and it should be turned in to your doctor. Subclinical hypothyroidism is a huge nationwide concern.

    Some people feel that adrenal fatigue factors into their CFS and other people do not. Read about it online, seek out the Adrenal Stress Index test from naturopathic doctors, the pupil dilation test, and the postural blood pressure test if you find that could possibly be a problem.

    Being proactive and putting an antenna out to anyone who has ever fixed this really helps. I have collapsed more than once and have tried multiple approaches and intend to attempt to work as necessary. I found that with all the approaches I tried, that if I withdrew my allergies out my diet (fruit, sugar, wheat, milk, spelt, oatmeal, rice), and concentrated on protein like most people should, breathed fresh air, kept a gratitude journal, did mindfulness practices, then marvelous recovery occurred. I am doing dietary work that was not achieved in other years and this is what it boils down to. I will get instantly sick if I eat my allergens or junk food, or breathe pollen, or overwork or undergo tons of stress.

    Stress management and mindfulness is key to controlling CFS. Uncontrolled stress can throw other body mechanisms for healing. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy as discussed on books online is about Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness. You can find books on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy online.

    Protein is what the body is made of, and I experience severe problems if I don't eat my protein. One would think that everyone would get their protein but you'd be surprised at the excuses. I discovered that I had a protein deficiency by taking whey protein (tried to find one without additional bad ingredients and succeeded). MAN, what a difference it made! Everything - everything - everything - is dependent on proteins. I can literally make myself sick if I don't get my protein.

    I have many other things I could say. I wrote a long post and then thought better of it (this is my second draft and I took out some other ideas because not knowing the situation who knows?). I could give out more ideas if asked.


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