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  1. srs7874

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    I have had a headache for 8 days. If is behind my eyes and on my forehead. If I push on the area above my eye (eye socket) very gently it really hurts. I have never had a headache like this for so long. Fibro related??
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    The worst thing you can do is self-medicate. My Neuro said that I just made them worse over time. See a Dr and get some real help.
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    If it is unilateral, most likely a migraine. I've suffered from them for 2-1/2 years. If it is bilateral, it could be sinus related. Try either an ice pack or heat over the area. If it is sinus, the heat will feel good; if it is a migraine, the cold will feel good. I can't say if it is fibro related. I have CFS, and I know migraines are a symptom of CFS.

    If you can handle Excedrin Migraine try it. I don't know where you live, but I am in California, and we have been having strange humid weather which can aggravate migraines. Could it be weather related? Are you on new meds? Have you changed your diet? Are you under excessive stress? I always think about these things when my migraines flair (which is just about every day).

    Good luck - I feel for you!!

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    i have the same problem. sometimes i will get it everyday for up to a month straight. if i push my eyeballs, i sometimes get nauseous with pain. i also feel a tight band around my forehead. when it gets really bad, my jaw hurts from clenching so much that it adds to the headache.

    if both eyes hurt, this is NOT a migraine. my mother had migraines for 30 years. she had light sensitivity and pain in only one side (and one eye) of the face. and was marked by extreme nausea.

    my headaches get worse after i eat. no doctor has been able to tell me the cause yet. yes i believe its part of fibro. doctors will just tell you its tension and perscribe pills.

    how long have you had fibro? did you not get these headaches before?
  5. rockgor

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    See "Headache-going on three days" post for remarks regarding massage.
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    I get these awful headaches too and I have FM. Yes migraines are very common with FM. For years I was told they were stress headaches and my doctor would just tell me to relax! like that was going to help! If I knew how to relax I would have!

    My headaches are behind my left eye, down into my jaw and behind my ear. It feels like someone is trying to crush my scull!

    My new GP says they are migraines and gives me Imitrex which sometimes help if I take the medication before the headache gets too bad.

    I also take amitriptyline a couple hours before bed to help me sleep. I didn't really want to take another medication (especially one that tends to make you gain weight) but the migraines were getting so bad that I hardly had any days without them. Since I started taking amitriptyline I am sleeping better and have a lot less migraines.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
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    I too have crazy amounts of headaches..have to take a barbituate 2 x a week to get them to go away..dr rx of course.....sleep and dark and meds..the only cure for them!
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